Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Proposal

Oh look, a movie! A movie that doesn't sound real good...at all. Ryan Reynolds play an employee at this company and he's late. And Sandra Bullock plays his boss and she's a bitch. She finds out that she's getting deported because her Visa is denied and just then He (not Jesus) walks in. She's quick on her toes and says they are getting married! In Alaska!

Away to Alaska they go and many things happen, included but not limited to: They are forced to kiss and fake kiss, then are made to real kiss and they do; they walk; they walk some more and she sort of-slaps him; Betty White is the Grandma; she takes a shower and for some reason has no clothes; he walks in shirtless and they run into each other; she tries on a dress and has little breasts and...they fall in real love!

Formulaic and boring, even with Ryan Reynolds.

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