Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Notebooks.com's Magic Giveaway with HP and Microsoft

So today my sister told me about this giveaway going on over at www.notebooks.com and about all the things you could win if you are randomly chosen to be the winner on December 12th, so I decided that I would join in with this giveaway and see if I could win.

Of course, all the prizes are a bit much for one person to take away since they are giving away like, a hundred things (really not that many, but it seems like it). There are different tasks you can complete to earn points, one of which is to say what you would donate to what non-profit or school and why. I chose to donate a computer to the Oakland Children's Hospital and not just because you get bonus points, but primarily because I couldn't think of someone to donate it to. I'd also give some little stuffed animals, because kids need stuffed animals. I'd also give them the Kung-Fu Panda DVD, because it's a kids movie that I don't need. I would like to give a computer to the Michigan Humane Society, because that is where almost all of my cat's have come from and they are special to me.

So, while this is clearly not at all like my normal blogs, I ask people to go and take a stab at this contest. HP is a great company and I am typing this on my HP too. They are good computers and also reliable and affordable...so go give it a shot!

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