Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well wishes for the Samborski family

Today I learned of the death of a fellow schoolmate from high school. He was shot by a 16 year old kid after a routine traffic stop at 10 mile and Greenfield in Oak Park, MI early this morning. He apparently took the kid back to his apartment building to either turn him over to a parent (of which there appears to have been none present) or to affirm his identity when there was an apparent scuffle and Officer Mason Samborski was shot and killed. Meanwhile, this little shit left him there to die as he ran back to his car and took off, only turning yourself after 12 some hours. Absolutely horrible story, a terrible thing to end the yearwith. Here's to a wonderful person who was what we all wish cops were, and a gorgeous, lovely wife and daughter who don't deserve to have their lives ruined over some little shit's actions.

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