Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Detroit Mayor Race

Ummm...so Coleman Young Jr. wants to run for Mayor of Detroit. Yeah, remember what his father did for this city over 20 years? Whether you are black or white, are you sure this is who you want to "run" the city? Think of him, think of the last mayor, 'ol Kwame-kins, don't you want more for your city? Like population, businesses, goodness?

I know the interim mayor hasn't been in office long, but so far, I like him.

Think about it...

Monday, September 29, 2008

More True Blood! I am OBSESSED with this show!

I gotta say, I can't get enough!

It's like watching a dirty novel...I don't read those books, but holy shit! Vampires are really kind of sexy and hot!

Here is a trailer with some clips from yesterdays episode. This is for you Terri!
Also, there is something 'off' about Sam...I am intrigued and want to know why (SPOILER) he was rolling around in the bed of the girl, Dawn, who was just killed! Sam is hot though...

I take back my comment about Desmond Harrington

A few days ago, I made a comment about Desmond Harrington needing a new agent because he was in that shitty movie 'Exit Speed'. I don't take back the fact the movie looks/is shit, I do however take back the thing about his agent.

This is why: He's on Dexter. Yes, that is enough to give him a pass for that shit-storm of a movie. Dexter is awesome!

Here is a promo for this season:

In case you are not familiar with this show (you should get familiar with it, the first two seasons are on DVD) it is about Dexter Morgan a forensic blood spatter expert in Miami, Florida. That's his day job. By night he kills serial killers...a serial killer who kills serial killers...dark, sadistic, awesome. Watch it. Here's a clip!

I loved the Doakes/Dexter exchanges so I put up two of them. Might be a little Spoilery!

Skip about midway for the best part and ignore the 3 weeks left thing at the end...some tard added that to the youtube video I yanked.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Planet Earth and Earth

I'm taking it down a little with this post; no snarky, no cynical, just goodness.
I went to check Miracle at St. Anna yesterday and I was surprised by the trailer for the DisneyNature film "Earth". I didn't know it was Earth at first but I knew it had some of the footage from Planet Earth, the breathtaking mini-series that was shown last year in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel.

Here is a trailer:

Planet Earth - Trailer - More amazing video clips are a click away

Planet Earth was a mini-series that originally aired in the U.K. on one of the BBC channels and was bought by the Discovery Channel to be shown over here in the U.S. As part of that cost for the show, they had to put a lot of commercials in, a LOT of commercials in. So, with the addition of the commercials, the show had to be cut up a lot and so the original narrators (David Attenborough) musings were off. So the Discovery Channel hired Sigourney Weaver to narrate the U.S. version. While I preferred her soothing voice, the amount that was cut out of every episode was really annoying. For example, there is a part of the show at the end that the Discovery Channel version called "Capturing the Moment". In the U.S. this was about a five to ten minute, if you were lucky, behind the scenes look at some part of the episode. Well, the BBC version has like a 10-20 minute look into the episode. So basically, if you buy (and you should) buy the BBC version; it must say BBC on it!

Planet Earth covered everything with little to no idiot humans appearing, except in the episode about caves, to muck it up. It simply showed breathtaking and majestic views of this planet. One of the best parts is the use of a camera that takes like 5000 frames a second, or something. In the Fresh Water episode there is a part that shows this camera in action when some Crocodiles attack some Wildebeasts; it was amazing and the look on the Zebras face is priceless; I couldn't find a clip. This is truly an amazing program and one every person should own and watch.

Here is one of my favorite clips: It's about one of the various species of Bird of Paradise.

So back to the Earth part. When I went to the theatre and realized that now Disney came in and made this a feature length program that will be out Earth Day 2009, I was flabbergasted and excited all at the same time. I am not kidding, this show makes me cry...it is SO amazing and beautiful. Buy it, watch it, love it, and even if you don't like nature programs, you will be awestruck by how this show/movie was shot, framed, edited and broadcast!

Here's the trailer for the movie!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Britney Spears "Womanizer"...it's shit! Surprise!

O.k. I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to listen to a new Britney Spears song, but I did.
I don't really get the song because it's just the same thing over and over again. Something about front-a-ah-ah and using the same a-ah-ah after saying 'are'...Maybe whoever wrote it could come up with a word that didn't require using a-ah-ah to make it fit in the song? No? O.k.
It also sounds like they asked Britney to sing into an empty cardboard toilet paper roll. I say Britney, I of course mean The Computer. Actually, the more I listened to it (once) it really reminded me of when you open a youtube video and then accidentally click on it and it starts playing again in another window and the sound is all mashed together...I think that's what they did for this song.
Look, I know that she (did) uses her body to sell music and that was really all it was about. Pervs like my old boss at Blockbuster loved it, he ogled her when she was 15; he was also the guy who turned the air on all the way in the store in case any hot chicks came in with no bra on...yes, he did. But, come on, shouldn't she be required to be able to hold a note? Just a single note...and like my buddy The Superficial Writer said, I don't think monotone is a key. (http://www.thesuperficial.com/)

If you don't like having the use of your ears, go to the above link and find the story about the "song".

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Splinter! This week's trailer o'crap!

Here's another shit-storm of awful I found out on the Internets!

It's called Splinter and it's a horror movie. About Splinters. Yeah...

Roughly I think it's about two loving young people (guy from stuff and girl from Mercury commercials) who go out to the country for the weekend (When is it anything but?). Then they get car jacked (?) by two rednecks (one male, one female). Somehow they go to a gas station and the one redneck girl goes in to the bathroom and there is someone inside and she's like "oh, I'm sorry" EEEEEEEKKKK! And then there is some kind of "creature", I don't know, that throws splinters (?) at them. Although, it looks a lot like spines, which aren't really splinters. Splinters are pieces of wood, spines could be something on an animal...this is stupid!

I really like the part at 0:52 where there is a cougar sound? I don't get that. Then at 1:16 there is something that sounds a lot like they stole the Predator-death rattle sound from Predator. What is this "beast", you ask?. It's either A.) A giant peice of wood, brought to life by either a science experiment or nuclear waste being poured on it, or B.) they ripped off the plot to Jeepers Creepers making it some monster that every 40 years comes to life to steal pieces of wood from abandoned buildings that time forgot (the very gas station our fair idiots are trapped in!). So...sit back, watch and enjoy what hopefully will not make it into theatres and instead go straight to the Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie night!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

True Blood

I like this. It's on HBO. By the creator of Six Feet Under. REALLY not appropriate for children, or those who are "sensitive"...seriously, if you get easily offended by nudity, swearing and/or vampires...you might not like it!

This is for Terri, because she loves this stuff and doesn't get the station.

Olivia Munn...my hero! Or Heroine!

Not sure if anyone is familiar with this lady, the co-hostess on G4's Attack of the Show, but she is who we should all aspire to be; us women that is. Unless you are a man who wants to be a woman...then whatever. She is so funny and has the best comedic timing; second only to the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia people...here is a clip I found really funny!

Then, watch her and the adorable Kevin Pereira on Attack of the Show on G4 at 7:00pm.

And, just for fun, here's some commercial TV Spots for It's Always Sunny:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes Premiere...

Yay, Heroes started last night. And true to form, I can't remember a damn bit of anything that went on. I don't know why, but I watch the show everyweek and buy it every time it comes out on DVD, but when someone asks what the hell went on in the last episode, I draw a damn blank! So that's where the Internets come in. I'm not going to spoiler anything in Heroes, because it will take FAR too long to go over.

"The Second Coming"
Here is what happened:
- We find out who tried to assassinate Nathan, and why.
- Hiro (I want to pinch those damn cheeks) gets a message from his Dad and it's some kind of formula, well, half of a formula.
- It gets stolen by some chick that moves fast and has retarded-ass hair! I mean, WTF? It looks like she took a bleach shower and stuck her finger in a light socket.
- Sylar shows up to get some from Claire (some powers, that is) and ends up (don't read further...I freakin' lied about the lack of spoilers, so...)SPOILERS!!!! taking her damn skull off and poking at her head. He steals her power but without killing her. He does make her unable to feel, though. She asks him if he is going to eat her brain and his response "Claire, that's disgusting", is classic. I am unsure of what exactly he does with the brains then. I mean, he just poked in her head and twisted something and I've always wondered how he gets the powers exactly.
- Oh, fuck it, there might be SPOILERS from here on out, so watch the show on TV (G4 tonight), the Internets, or On Demand before you finish reading this...
- Future Peter, who is hanging around, sends Parkman to where we later learn is Africa (?).
- Mohinder creates this serum from Maya which can make anyone have some powers that are taylored to their individual chemistry.

"The Butterfly Effect"
- Hiro sees Ando killing him and stealing the formula from him, when he goes into the future. He doesn't mean to, but he's after the girl with the dumb hair and he jumps too far...oh, and the city he's in goes all ka-blooey too!
- Nikki is no longer Nikki, or never was. Oh, and she freezes some dumbass Terminator-style and he crumbles into icky pieces and melts. Yukkers!
- Sylar kills Bob and when Elle goes to let Noah out Sylar tries to take her power and she...well, she explodes-ish. She also lets everyone out of Level 5. One of which is Weevil...I mean the real Peter whom Future Peter hid there.
- Claire's mommy comes back to take care of her...yeah, right.
- Oh and Mohindar who's all jumpy and hyper starts to experience things...like he can see his pulsing veins and then he goes into the bathroom and starts to peel off icky pieces of his back! Eeeyoooyuck!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Remember this?...

No one else does either.

I was perusing the vault over at http://www.traileraddict.com/ and came across this little gem. And by gem, I mean piece of hardened shit laying in a hole. It's based on a video game (so Uwe Boll) and sucked (it was Uwe Boll). No, I didn't pay money to see this. I watched it On Demand at some point.

On another note...

The Alone in the Dark game came out. Well, the new one. I couldn't find a trailer that was good. But it looked good so I rented it on my Wii...what a piece of unwieldy shit! I spent about an hour trying to get this asshole to jump to this stupid ledge and then got so pissed off, I took it back to the store. It should have been called "Alone in the Dark" the video game, directed and written by Uwe Boll.

This...is what a good scary franchise is: Silent Hill

Or even better: This... The best game EVER! Ever...

I will not be swayed...ever. In fact, I am devoting an entire blog tomorrow to this fucking masterpiece!

"Exit Speed" Bad Trailer Edition

Wow...I saw this on one of my favorite sites Iwatchstuff.com. And because I found it so mesmerizing, so phenomenal, I had to post it here. It may become a new feature...now that I know how to do it!

The trailer gives a little run-down of the titillating storyline. A group of (ragtag rebels?) people are on a bus heading home (or away from the army!) and suddenly a bunch of bikers (?) appear and start to terrorize the bus. Yes, that is what happens. They then drive and drive and drive and somehow hit a biker and then all the other bikers magically disappear! Then "Does anyone get a signal" happens and the biker they hit shoots a gun in their direction! Whoo, intense! Man, what happens next? Then all the bikers come back! And they drive and drive and drive through a forest (?) Suddenly, they are in the dark and Caroline in the City says she'll make the run, she runs. Yeah...again...that was said.

I love how they tell the entire story in the trailer and how the head biker, or crotch-rockettier if you will, does nothing but pop wheelies through the entire "film". Seriously, it's a front wheelie, a back wheelie, can he do a side wheelie...I bet he'll try. When they are at night and near the "hangout" of the bikers, one of them is doing wheelies in a circle (I don't know why either).

I haven't seen this movie (nor, will I ever) but I get the whole thing from the neat 2:17 trailer.

"We stop we die, you understand that? We stop we die" In-tense!

Don't rent this...do not give them cause to make a sequel! Do watch the trailer and laugh.

I also added the "bus attack" scene! Whee, where MORE wheelies occur and the guy splits his legs in the air! OH MY GOD! It's cool! They're outlaws...no, not outlaws, nomads...Hell's Little Angels!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Tonight on the cornucopia is:

Season Premiere of Supernatural. Dean get's out of hell! Whee!

Season premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelpia. Charlie and Dee eat people-meat! Hooray!

Season Finale of Burn Notice: A heist occurs! BAM!

Reviews later!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Season Finale of Supernatural, "No Rest For the Wicked"

What does Supernatural have going for it, besides the incredibly beautiful Jensen Ackles (seriously the most beautiful man on the planet)? Well, it has creepy shit and seriously can make you not want to turn the light off at night! I mean really. There are humorous episodes, tearful episodes and some majorly scary ones.

After a slimmed down season due to the strike that made me come back to Michigan, damn it, we are looking to a new season that starts Thursday. How the hell is Dean going to get out of Hell? How did he get in Hell, you ask? Well, you see, he sold his soul to the devil in order to save Sam. So after a year the hellhounds will come for him (they did) and drag his ass off to Hell (they do) and he will, we assume, spend the rest of eternity in Hell (he does?). Considering that Dean is one of the two main characters and the show is coming back for another season, we will guess that he isn't dead, or that he comes back from the dead...but isn't a zombie! So how will this happen and what will the new season consist of? Will our heros go off after the demon Lillith? Will Ruby be back (the answer to that is no. Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions they are not bringing Katie Cassidy back even though her character was quite compelling).

For those of you not familiar with this fantastic show, you know because you are afraid of the fact that it is on The CW, it started as a show about two brothers that are trying to locate their father, who is a demon hunter. He went off after the yellow-eyed demon who killed their mother and marked Sam when he was just a baby. They found him at the end of season one and it appears he made a deal with the yellow-eyed demon to take his soul instead of Deans, after Dean was seriously injured in a car crash right at the end of season one. So Dad is gone and Dean is back and very angry about the loss of dad. Then at the end of season two when Sam is stabbed and dies, Dean makes a deal with a demon to save Sam and take him in a year. So Sam is saved and Dean is on a deathlist in a year, oh and they let loose a shit-ton of demons in the process. This brings us to the end of last season where Dean dies. And ends up in Hell, changed to...chains and screaming for Sam.

Here is a list of what the brothers have come across over the years:
A sort of Rusalka spirit in a lake
Bloody Mary
Yellow-eyed demons
Creepy-ass malevolent doctor in an asylum
Some kind of ghost-truck driver
Sinister family called The Benders
Shadow spirit
Ghost of a deceased depression-era farmer...or is it?
Witch that steals life-forces
Ghost painting
(eeeep!) Clowns
Angry dead girl spirit
Guy who uses powers to make others do what he wants
America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes
Croatoan (Roanoke, VA)
Imaginary friend in an old hotel
Repeating ghostly encounters
Cursed rabbit foot
Bedtime stories coming to life
Ghost ship

So...watch it!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fringe "Pilot"

Well, it is no surprise that I am a lover of the J.J. Abrams. I have waited for Fringe to come on since I first heard about it. I wasn't sure what to think at first, but I was pleased with what I saw the other day.

The show begins, yes again, with an airplane ride; however this airplane ride is significantly different from the one on LOST. There is a storm and people are freaking out (I would be doing this too), but there is one passenger who looks more distressed than the others. He looks like I did when I was going to L.A. this past May and thought I was going to hurl...which is weird because I don't get motion sickness; it was either the pilot subtley dipping the plane enough to not really notice or whatever the hell was wrong with my stomach at that point...So the guy next to him says something about it not being that bad and he grabs this box out from his briefcase (the guy freaking out, not the other passenger) and gets out this injector that looks like an insulin pen and injects himself. Apparently, that wasn't helping because he gets up and starts toward the bathroom, I think. The flight attendant gets up and starts after him, because the damn plane is crashing and all, and he's sweating and grasping at his collar. The attendant reaches him and grabs at his back and he turns around and he pulls his hands away from his face and HIS DAMN FACE IS MELTING OFF! He screams, she screams, everyone screams and people are melting and shit and it's simultaniously gross and awesome! The co-pilot opens the door, like a dumbass, and the pilot puts the plane on autopilot, like a dumbass, and he's all screaming what's going on, or something. Everyone is melting out in the fuselage and then the co-pilot turns around to the pilot and he's all melty and his damn jaw falls off! Awesome!

The remaining part of the story involves FBI agent Olivia Dunham who is a "Liaison" at the FBI, as repeatedly mentioned by that creepy guy who keeps appearing to people on LOST. She arrives at the scene of the plane crash, where it seems to have landed itself...it was on auto-pilot! It's all covered in plastic and foggy and everyone is melted away! Hooray! So Olivia and her coworker/man-candy John Scott arrive, separately, to the site and examine stuff. Later guy-from-LOST send Olivia out to a storage locker area to follow a lead and they find a bunch of garages full of lab animals and computers and shit. Some guy appears, they follow, and he blows the place up. Oh, and he's also the guy from the plane who fell apart, his twin at least. Well John gets blown up too and some chemical compound that was released starts to make him turn see-through and die. So Olivia's new mission is to find out a cure to this compound to save Keen Eddie.

Along the way she learns about a mad genious, Dr. Walter Bishop who worked with all this shit before and possibly knows how to cure John. Turns out that Dr. Bishop is in a mental institution because he was found incompetant to stand trial for the deaths of some people because of his experiments, or something. Well, Olivia can't go in to see him unless escorted by a family member, so she runs off to the middle east to find Bishop's son, Pacey...just kidding, it's a much more attractive and likeable child actor, Jonathan Jackson playing Peter. She blackmails him into believing she has junk on him and she'll release it if he doesn't play along, so he does.

So they go on a quest to find this cure to the compound. I won't go into that because I don't remember and don't want to look it up right now. Anyway, long story short, they save John, find the twin of the guy on the plane, John kills him because he was the one who was doing some shifty shit and he ends up dying in a car crash telling Olivia to ask herself why guy-from-LOST sent her to the warehouse out of everybody. Oh, guy-from-LOST asks Olivia to join his team too.

Despite my kind of lackluster review, I really enjoyed this show. I thought it was moody, entertaining, and J.J. I want to see where this is going and I want to know what's going on. I am not sure whether other people are going to convince FOX to keep it on, but then again, look at the X-Files. I'm interested in seeing some more of the characters backgrounds as well as some stand-alone stories; but there needs to be some mythology, I love mythology in a show.

I will watch again, and I hope you do too.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coming Soon...Fringe! "Pilot"

I will be reviewing and discussing the pilot for Fringe tomorrow.
It was awesome!
People melted, turned invisible, their jaws fell off.

And J.J. tossed out some viral marketing in the form of Massive Dynamic advertisements!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles *SPOILERS*

O.K. since I spent a bunch-a-cruncha time yesterday typing this awesome run-down of the show only to get the aforementioned "oops!" message, I am again going to attempt to type this up. This time, however, I am going to save and post it and come back to it later. So have no fear if the post ends mid-sentence...you just went blind!

Anyway, I called Terminator:SCC's the "official" start to the 2008 season for a reason; because it is. Technically Gossip Girl and 90210 started last week, but lets be honest...they are fluff and only intended as so, which isn't a bad thing really. So then came yesterday with T:SCC. And what a doozy. Let me run down some awesome-ness that flung down the cable/across the wires last night.

The show started where it ended last year during its severely truncated first season (9 episodes people!). There were two main events: Cromartie killin' all those FBI guys and Cameron getting blown to smithereens when she started the bomb-rigged Jeep, which was set by Sarkissian (what an ass!). The season began with those same two events and moved on. While Cameron was getting blown to bitties, Sarkissian and thug were attacking John and Sarah and it wasn't looking good; until Cameron, damaged chip and all, came hobbling into the house and took out thug. Then she ambled upstairs to, we assumed, get Sarkissian. When she enters the room, she sees John and Sarah standing over Sarkissian and she looks at John and her "view" says: "John Connor: TERMINATE"; she tries just that. They run, she follows.

Meanwhile, Derek and Charley meet up at the apartment complex and take off after Sarah, John and Cameron. But there is also a third storyline in this episode. That would be the inclusion of the awesome Shirley Manson as Catherine Weaver. A mysterious head of a company, whose name I can't remember. She wants The Turk...yeah, the precursor to SkyNet...but why? "It's going to change the world". No fuck, it is! It's going to annhilate everyone!

So Cameron finds Sarah and John and chases them. They are in a car and drive into the "L.A. River" and Cameron grabs at their car causing it to flip over. At least they had some good continuity because when Cameron grabs at the car the stuntperson or dummy, falls on it's face. They then show Cameron getting up off her face and coming after Sarah who tells John to run. Cameron tells her to call to him and when she says he won't come back she says she knows and she heads off after him. Long story shorter: She gets pinned between two trucks and begins to plead with John that she doesn't want to die and that he needs her and she loves him. I love the look on John's face right before he pulls her chip out. So stuff goes on that I don't want to write about, even though it was awesome! Derek tells Charley that he doesn't really think Sarah will let him take care of her, does he? Weaver creates a new division called Babylon, which one of her subordinates doesn't like. Ellison goes to Cromartie and tells him he isn't going to do the devil's work. Cromartie says "We'll see..."Awesome.

John eventually puts Camerons' chip back and she says she isn't going to kill him. She actually "overrides" her programming to do it.

And in the most awesome shit of the night...SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!!
The guy who was bitching about Weaver goes into the bathroom and bitches more. He goes to the urinal to take a piss and says she really pisses him off and then...the urinal morphs into Weaver. Holy shit! She's a damn T-1000! WTF? She says, "I'm sorry I piss you off" and her finger turns into that spikey thing from T-2 and kills him! Then she says, "The feelings mutual"...Sweet! We've got a T-2 on our hands!

And on a side note...David Silver is freakin' hot now!

This was one kick-ass of a season premiere and incredibly entertaining. And then there's Hole in the Wall...eh.

What is it about a show/storline that is a giant paradox that is so damn fascinating? I mean John Connor sends back Kyle Reese from the future to stop a Terminator, from the future, from killing Sarah Connor. Sarah and Kyle get it on but Kyle dies and leaves Sarah with a baby...John. So if Kyle dies now, he isn't around in the future anymore. So then John sends back another Terminator to keep the teenage him alive and safe from a different Terminator so he stays alive in the future...but no matter what they do SkyNet always comes out in the future as the harbinger of death. And how can the John in the future send back people and cyborgs to save the John in the past or his mother? If he isn't in existence in the past until the future John sends back Kyle to create him, then how can the future John be in existence...Heavy paradoxical shit!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I just spent 45 minutes writing about Terminator only to get the "Oops and error occurred" message. I am now pissed and tired and can't do it now!

It was awesome...may do it tomorrow when not pissed!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

The first new children to the Fall TV Lineup

Well, for lack of anything really good on yet, I will discuss the few new shows I was able to watch this week.

The first would be Gossip Girl. I know it isn't new, but since I've seen about five minutes of the show total all last season, we'll call it new. This show isn't good. If you want fluff and only fluff, watch it. It's barely entertaining and the fact these high school students walk around like Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte (and the slutty one) while only being like 16, is annoying. A plus is the adorable Kristen Bell narrating as "Gossip Girl" and Penn Badgely is still hot (which is borderline creepy seeing as he's like 10 years younger than me...whatever Thomas Dekker is hot too...and has the coolest name ever, it reminds me of Deckard from Blade Runner...and I ramble) despite being on this show. I was mildly entertained but if I have to see another commercial where Blaire (god, why do I know the damn names?) has to impress the guy she didn't like, but now likes because he's a Duke, and then says something stupid to the Duchess...I will punch someone in their kidney!

The second show is one I was hoping would be awful; 90210. The show no one asked for turned out to not be that bad. Now, it wasn't great but it was kind of fun to watch. We now have a token black student, because apparently no black people live in Beverly Hills...still. I know they do. But we had to make the show "current" and "hip". We had good 'ol Kelly and her "step-sister", Silver. It took me nearly the entire pilot to realize that Silver was David Silver's sister and since Kelly's drunkard/whore mother married David's dad...stepsister. I hope that the suddenly hot Brian Austin Green does not come on the show. He has Terminator, he's Kyle Reese's fuckin' bro, man! And there was 'ol crooked face herself, little miss I get's fired from every show, Shannen Doherty. She has nothing to do, so she'll be back. I'll probably watch it until the good stuff starts in the next few weeks, and then I'll watch it online. Oh, and the one teacher and Rob Estes are enough to make me watch some more.

And on to something a little off-track. Why isn't there more Nathan Fillion on tv right now? There should be a mandate that at least one thing with this amazing, funny man on each day. It could just be a smidge of funny, a clip, a blooper, or a movie. I don't care...but like Fichtner, there needs to be more Fillian in our days. It brightens the sky, makes us smile...oh crap, thank god it's Friday tomorrow!