Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams teaser trailer

New teaser for Bioshock 2. What is it about? What?

Trailer shows a girl holding a Mr.Bubbles doll (?) and looking out to sea. Then it turns into the logo and then a little blue butterfly plops out.

Could that little girl be one of the Little Sister's? Could it? Tell me!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well wishes for the Samborski family

Today I learned of the death of a fellow schoolmate from high school. He was shot by a 16 year old kid after a routine traffic stop at 10 mile and Greenfield in Oak Park, MI early this morning. He apparently took the kid back to his apartment building to either turn him over to a parent (of which there appears to have been none present) or to affirm his identity when there was an apparent scuffle and Officer Mason Samborski was shot and killed. Meanwhile, this little shit left him there to die as he ran back to his car and took off, only turning yourself after 12 some hours. Absolutely horrible story, a terrible thing to end the yearwith. Here's to a wonderful person who was what we all wish cops were, and a gorgeous, lovely wife and daughter who don't deserve to have their lives ruined over some little shit's actions.

Friday, December 26, 2008

New BSG clips Part 2

Why are you (Adama? Tigh?) going into the water?

What's goin' on with Roslin?

I don't think Adama is handling this Tigh-is-a-Cylon thing real well.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shoplifting Dog

This dog made me smile!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fancy house full of lights, dances to music!

This fancy house plays Amazing Grace...albeit a techno version, but damn, it's sweet!

I don't imagine the neighbors find it so sweet... but this is cool!

Merry X-Mas to everyone out there!
I recommend clicking the HD link!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Highlight of the day.

Baby Poops Herself!

Because I am relatively new to this crap and have not figured out how to add stories from other sites get a link. I think I can add the fun little pictures though...

Funny enough I had one of these types of dolls when I was a little girl. She would pee into her little toilet when you fed her a baby bottle of water. Then I stopped playing with her and she started to pee battery acid, so my mom threw her away. Boo:(

Friday, December 19, 2008

New BSG clips

Kara-You Will Know the Truth:

The Truth-Who is the Final Cylon?

Truth Promo 2

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alone in the Dark 2

Oh good a sequel! Remember the first? Nope? Well, I do and it sucked. Imagine the original movie with a big budget, bad screenplay, well-known actors and bad directing (Uwe Boll, I believe) and throw in the glorious look of Sony Handicam video and this is what this movie appears to be. Appears is used really loosely, since it will probably be much, much worse that I imagine.

I'm not really sure why they went with an asian to play Edward Carnby when Christian Slater played him in the first crapfest. I bet I know why...there is probably going to be some karate or other type fighting, because that would make complete sense.

Cold Prey

Based solely on the fact that this is a movie from over-seas, I will say that it might be good. The synopsis is not that great. It's about some teens on a snowboarding trip when one gets injured and the trek into some abandoned ski lodge. Why is there an abandoned ski lodge? I don't know. But "something" already lives there and it gets angry they are there. So it starts attacking them and slashing them. My guess is that it's a mutilated person that was left up there after he was attacked years ago. He then killed a bunch of people causing the owners of the ski lodge to shut the place down. Now he lives up there, waiting for unsuspecting tourists to stumble in where he will kill them.

Check out the trailer:

Obsessed. The movie we've seen a thousand times before...

In this trailer we see Ali Larter (bad actress, only cast in things so she can walk around in her underwear) playing a temp who begins to stalk her boss, Idris Elba, and then tries to kill his wife, Beyonce (why? I don't know. She seems oddly cast against Elba). It's a movie we've seen a bazillion times before. The old: She's new (temp, nanny, receptionist, etc), she wants the boss, he's married, she finds out he's married and won't cheat, he tells her to buzz off, she gets angry, she tries to kill herself but makes it look like he tried to kill her, abuse her, etc, he gets arrested and blamed, she goes after the wife, they fight, someone falls through the floor/over the balcony, most likely temp dies, laying on the foyer, one leg bent awkwardly while wife buries her face in husbands chest as the police enter through the doorway with their lights flashing in the background as silently, the credits roll.

Sound about right?

Echelon Conspiracy...Ooh!

Ooh! It's scary! E.R. (Shane West) gets a cell phone, mysteriously, in the mail and the company that sent it won't tell him where it came from or who sent it. Then, it starts talking to him and telling him to do things. Like play a slot machine where he wins a shit-ton of money before security comes after him. Then he runs and other stuff and to be honest I don't really think it matters what happens in the trailer because it's clear, complete with the stupid woman's voice, that they are making an Eagle Eye of the cell phone variety. I like when the phone tells him not to turn it off or it will kill him. What if he has to get updates? I know my IPhone gets a little pissy when I don't turn it off periodically to do whatever it does when you turn it off. The last scene with the guy almost getting hit by one car and then probably getting hit by another car coming the other direction, makes no sense.

Maybe they can add in a bit about how the cellphone is leading spirits from another realm in to kill all of humanity so they can take over the world? That wouldn't be like another genre-film that starred Kristen Bell and has made at least one direct-to-video sequel.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Places you eat at that suck!

This is a majorly off-topic topic, but never-the-less it needs to be covered.

Have you ever eaten at a place so terrible that you wonder why it's still open? A place where at lunchtime during the week there are about a dozen people scattered over 5 or 6 tables? The waitstaff is less than friendly, they don't even pretend to be friendly, and the busboy talks and acts like the mongoloid idiot who was born and bred in a tower or a dungeon? If you haven't, you are very lucky. If you have, you feel my pain.

A few years back I went to Red Lobster for the first time. I was on my way to my friend Eric's play and I was with a group of my friends. We decided, as a group, to head to Red Lobster; Travis said it was imperative that we go because of their fantastic cheddar biscuit things. I thought, "I've never been there, I like seafood (well, fish at least), why the hell not?" Well I should have said, "Hell, NO!" and ran like the wind bustling around a building on Eastern Michigan University's campus. I didn't do that. Instead, most of us were seated and we ordered food. I decided on fish and chips; how incredibly hard is it to make fish and chips? I mean, it's fish and chips not rocket science. I also ordered a salad with ranch, as did most of the table. Well, we ordered salads with ranch but really we got Ranch Soup. As Christian said, "I think I am done with this ranch soup", causing all of us to laugh hysterically as is often the case with this particular group of friends.

Remember when I said 'how hard can it be to make fish and chips"? Well, apparently those at Red Lobster decided to take on this challenge. I guess they won, depending on how you look at it. It was the worst $16 dollars for a meal I've ever spent. That's right, $16 for shitty shoe-string battered, tasteless fish (?) and what seemed to be those dehydrated shoe-string potatoes you buy in a can along with a pop and ranch soup. Needless to say, I decided right then and there that I would not return to a Red Lobster. I thought it was the worst place I had ever eaten at...until today it was.

Today...I went with my mom to Belleville, glorious Belleville (I know, don't be mad you didn't get to go to this fantastic, tropical locale) to have lunch with my cousin Kelly and Aunt Linda and to give Kelly some wedding presents. They couldn't make it but my mom and I decided we would stay and go eat at the restaurant, Dos Pesos, which was kind of creepily located inside a strip mall next to a Subway and I don't know what, on the other side. To say the least, the place wasn't exactly an eye-catcher when we walked in. It was this weird sort of pink/salmon color that was applied to the walls in a style that may have been trying to emulate stucco, even though stucco is applied to outside walls. Maybe they were trying to make the inside look like the outside? They failed. Pay no attention to the fact that it was lunchtime, on a Wednesday and there were about 12 people, at the most, scattered among 5 or 6 tables. Then the "busboy" (Igor? Dungeon troll?) brought out chips and salsa and muttered, "the red one is hot" before shuffling away. The menu had about nothing on it and I decided, much like Red Lobster, "How can one mess up a cheese quesadilla?" and again, they appear to have taken up my inaudible challenge. And again, they may have won? I have never experienced a greasy cheese quesadilla, how the hell do you make a quesadilla greasy? OMGWTFBBQWII? Holy hell that was the worst, worst, WORST meal I have ever eaten! Tasteless, gross, nasty, greasy quesadilla made with what appeared to be Muenster cheese. Why would you use Muenster cheese to make a quesadilla in a "Mexican" restaurant? I barely ate a third of one of the quesadillas and the rice, don't get me started on the rice! It was like orange, bland oval-shaped shit-pieces. Gross!

The whole entire experience reinforced my dislike of eating at places located in strip malls with insurance agencies, Thai/Chinese/Mediterranean food places, Tae Hwong Do Kwan Do (seriously, there was a place that was roughly named such. It was the "NEW" type of something) and a liquor store. It also makes me miss the little signs in L.A. that tell you, grade-wise, "Hey, you might be O.K. eating here", even if it means nothing it comforts you a lot.

So...add this restaurant to the list of restaurants that I shall never visit again!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two snippets of movies...

So, I had time to kill today while I was checking trailers. I went in to 4 Christmases and about 30 minutes and then stayed after the trailers for The Day The Earth Stood Still. Keeping in mind that I like all genres of movies, which one do you think I'd prefer to go back and finish watching?

Hint-It didn't open this weekend and it isn't a romantic comedy.

*It's 4 X-mases. Why? Because the Keanu joint was boring the ever-loving shit out of me and wasn't making much sense. Plus, they had really bad computer-animated helicopters.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Uwe Boll's (Soon-to-be-reality) Contra

'nuff said.

There would be a better version posted from, however, the embed code keeps going to something that isn't here's a crappier version and you can get the better version at and then go to Videos and black20 Trailer Park.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe Review

Like a horrible cliche that I've heard a million times in reference with this movie, I wanted to believe it would be good. I really, really wanted to believe this movie would be good. The reason why you ask? Because I love The X-Files.

I don't know what it was that drew me to the series from the get-go, but I remember pleading with my mom to let me stay at home on Friday nights in order to watch the show. I was usually made to go to the football games that my sister was marching in and because these were the days before Tivo, DVR's and online viewing, if you didn't set your VCR, you were shit out of luck. But regardless of these facts, I was able to catch most of the show in one way or another and even though a large part of the series, the mythology if you will, regarded one of my two greatest fears/paranoia's, that being aliens, I loved it. I looked forward to being scared by some weird genetic freak-twin that detaches from its brother and murders the other freaks at the Freak Show (Humbug; Season 2); I still call Doug Hutchison 'Tooms' (Squeeze/Tooms; Season 1); Alex Krycek was one of my biggest crushes (Nick Lea still does it for me); 'Jose Chung's From Outer Space' (Season 3) and 'Bad Blood' (Season 5) were two of the most memorable, funny episodes of television I've seen; I was happy I'd recorded 'Home' (Season 4) because it was so controversial FOX said they'd never air it again. For almost the entire series' run I was enthralled, scared, humored, and followed the relocation from Friday night to Sunday night; I even continued to watch, though in a diminished capacity, when the new agents (Doggett and Reyes) came on and the magic of Vancouver was replaced by Los Angeles. There was just something about the mountains, coasts, forests and towns of Vancouver and Canada that made the series have it's creepy, moodiness. And at the end of the run, I wept for an amazing show that had little hope at the beginning and was so different from anything else on T.V.

Then came The X-Files movie, which kept to the mythology and which I really liked, it even had a great soundtrack. And then there was nothing. The stars went on with their lives. But last year I heard word of a new movie! Then came word that it wouldn't be related to the mythology and to which a casual or non-viewer could watch and not be lost; and there was where the worry began. Deep down there was that funny tingling in the pit of my stomach, that tickle of worry. Why would you make it unrelated to the mythology? Well, maybe it will be a stand-alone film, like the circus freak episode? Then I later read that the synopsis would roughly be: FBI agent Monica O'Bannon disappears and Mulder/Scully get called in to help, even though they are no longer working for the FBI, to determine if Father Crissman is really a psychic who knows her whereabouts. Really? That doesn't sound very X-Files-y.

Then the trailer came out, I was intrigued. I didn't get to see the movie in the theatre though and just had a chance to rent it the other day. It wasn't bad, it also wasn't good. There was no magic to it, no passion, no...nothing. I get it's a wrap-up and end it once and for all film, but where was the X-File?

(Spoilers Ahead!)

The film opens with the Agent O'Bannon being abducted by Cylon Leoben (Callum Keith Rennie) and some other man and then goes to what seems like the first of many unnecessary scenes of Scully treating some boy in a hospital and digging up research on his rare condition, but it makes more sense about an hour later; now these scenes just seem boring and unrelated to anything going on in the movie. Scully gets a request from the FBI to get Mulder to come help find this missing agent and to determine if Father Crissman is what he claims to be, or is he just a former priest who was convicted of molesting alter boys? Mulder, of course, comes to believe there is something going on here and Scully doesn't. But my question for almost the entire movie was: Where is the X-File? When am I going to get scared of watching this at night, in the dark, in my living room? Apparently the answer is: Never.

I still can't watch a significant portion of the series episodes without having to keep the light on in my room at night; I wanted this to be the case for this movie, and it wasn't. So why didn't I get it? All of the hullabaloo eventually comes to an end but it does so with little interest, intrigue and fanfare, and that made me sad. However, the movie was exquisitly shot, with amazing scenery (Vancouver and other parts of Canada, of course) and the usual quota of 95% of the cast from Da Vinci's Inquest and BSG. And I really liked that the snow was actually snow.

So I gave the film a 75% because I didn't like it, but I certainly didn't hate it and could, in theory, watch it again. But I wanted more, so much more, of that magic that captivated me from 1993-2002; monsters, aliens, ghosts and that Mark Snow-violin-prick-spine-tingling-oh-crap-there's-something-there music and theme song that I connect with one of the reasons for loving the medium of film and television.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Terminator: Salvation Japanese Trailer (now without Mary Hart's shrill voice)

Tonight on Entertainment Tonight they are showing this trailer, without the Japanese subtitles, and to save you the torture of having to sit through that show, even though it aired over an hour ago, I am posting this here.

It looks awesome, especially if you are a nerd, geek or Terminator fan, all three of which I am. I am not too sure about what it is about but what I've learned is: Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor is the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright, a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet’s operations, where they uncover the terrible secret behind the possible annihilation of mankind. *courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures and

Sounds fucking awesome to me!

The Proposal

Oh look, a movie! A movie that doesn't sound real all. Ryan Reynolds play an employee at this company and he's late. And Sandra Bullock plays his boss and she's a bitch. She finds out that she's getting deported because her Visa is denied and just then He (not Jesus) walks in. She's quick on her toes and says they are getting married! In Alaska!

Away to Alaska they go and many things happen, included but not limited to: They are forced to kiss and fake kiss, then are made to real kiss and they do; they walk; they walk some more and she sort of-slaps him; Betty White is the Grandma; she takes a shower and for some reason has no clothes; he walks in shirtless and they run into each other; she tries on a dress and has little breasts and...they fall in real love!

Formulaic and boring, even with Ryan Reynolds.'s Magic Giveaway with HP and Microsoft

So today my sister told me about this giveaway going on over at and about all the things you could win if you are randomly chosen to be the winner on December 12th, so I decided that I would join in with this giveaway and see if I could win.

Of course, all the prizes are a bit much for one person to take away since they are giving away like, a hundred things (really not that many, but it seems like it). There are different tasks you can complete to earn points, one of which is to say what you would donate to what non-profit or school and why. I chose to donate a computer to the Oakland Children's Hospital and not just because you get bonus points, but primarily because I couldn't think of someone to donate it to. I'd also give some little stuffed animals, because kids need stuffed animals. I'd also give them the Kung-Fu Panda DVD, because it's a kids movie that I don't need. I would like to give a computer to the Michigan Humane Society, because that is where almost all of my cat's have come from and they are special to me.

So, while this is clearly not at all like my normal blogs, I ask people to go and take a stab at this contest. HP is a great company and I am typing this on my HP too. They are good computers and also reliable and go give it a shot!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Games for "Girls"

What is a game for "girls"? Well, I would say it would be a game that boys wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. You know, the games about ponies, shopping, and hairstyling; if you can call these "games" at all. I don't know who would want to play some of these games, but considering that I see a commercial for a new one every day, there must be a market. I'd guess that market to be girls around 9-15 years old who have no imagination of their own and so turn to a game about taking care of puppies and kitties and shopping, because what other excuse could there be?

I grew up playing video games and I can't really say that I ever felt the need to pretend to play gymnastics via a little digital girl on a balance beam, I just never did. What I did feel the need to do, however, was pretend to be a little Italian plumber who jumped around in various worlds, killing various little creatures, all in a quest to rescue a princess from a giant reptile. Or play a little guy with a sword also off on a quest to rescue a notice a theme with games here? Oh, I also spent loads of time outside playing and using my imagination to play with real dolls.

So, because I hate "girl" games (games made specifically for girls that include ponies, puppies, babysitting and cooking) that make it seem like girls have no interest in real games and only think about a few things, including shopping and babysitting, I decided to profile some of the ridiculous games that various companies decided to talk-down to girls with. (All descriptions are from

1. Imagine Fashion Designer New York by Ubi Soft
Here's some exciting crap you can do with this exciting game! Enter a fashion house in New York and dress up digital people in clothes. Doesn't that sound fun?!? Gee golly, you get to pretend to be a fashion designer! Whee!

2. Littlest Pet Shop by EA
What's better that a real animal that you get to touch, feed and walk/play with? Why, a fake one, that's what! You can have hours (seconds?) of fun playing with a digital, fake, programmed animal. And even better, there are now Winter, Jungle and Garden versions!

3. Build A Bear Workshop by American Game Factory
O.K. this is getting pretty lame. There is an actual store where you can go and touch physical stuffed animals. Why would you want to play with a game of digital animals? Why? How is this a game? How? There is nothing that you do in this game but poke at the screen with a stylus and build fake stuffed animals. FTW?

4. Disney's High School Musical: Making the Cut by Disney
Want something more lame than the movies? Well, here you go! You get to make them dance and sing all across America! How fun is that? (It's not!)

5. All Star Cheer Squad by THQ
Pretend you're a cheerleader! Because you can't go outside/join a squad in real life! Rah Rah! You get to use the Wii fit board to make a fake person jump and jive (jiving not included in game)

6. Imagine Teachers by UBI soft
Pretend you're a teacher with fake students!

7. Imagine Babyz by Ubi Soft
This may be the worst! Pretend to take care of a baby, because they no longer make babydolls? Why is this considered a game? You can go find some mother who wants you to watch their baby and get paid for it in real life! Not pay $30 to do it! $30? Come on! This isn't a game.

8. The rest of the Imagine Whatever series by Ubi Soft.
There are a crapload of other games that Ubi Soft put out for girls and it seems the farther I creep down the Amazon list, the worse they get. And pretty much all of them are things you can do in some form or another in real life, and so don't need to "play" a game to do so. Is this really why you pay $200 for a game system? So you can play My Pretty Pony or Watch My Baby?

As you can see, I am not a fan of these "games" and seeing how most of them require you to do nothing but poke the screen with a stylus, I don't think they are actually games!

The Boat That Rocked

Based solely on the description over at Trailer Addict (which, I assume, was given to them by the movie company) I would never even think to see this movie. But the cast is quite awesome and it looks funny.

So here is why I disliked the synopsis: "It's about a band of rogue DJ's..." What the hell is a band of rogue DJ's? Rogue machines, rogue robots, rogue computer programs, rogue C.I.A. agents...that I get, but rogue DJ's? Usually I just think of DJ's going to a club at 11p.m. spinning some tunes and banging Lindsay Lohan (eww...yes, eww. It's eww for both sides of that pairing), I don't think of them as being 'rogue'.

Chandni Chowk to China

What the hell is this? I think it's some kind of mashup of a karate movie that should star that guy from that one movie, "Kung Fu Soccer" (that's not a real movie is it?) and a Ballywood movie. Is that what it is? Is it?

The description says something about some simpleton cook who goes to Shanghai from Delhi to find his destiny or something. I don't get that from the trailer. What I get is that they had two movies that didn't equal two movies and so they took both movies, crammed them together and then made them one...

That's what happened.

Nothing But the Truth

I can't say if I'm really excited about this movie and that would be because it sounds like an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent or one of the Law & Order's. You know, because of the fact that it was "a case ripped from the headlines". Not to say that I'm not a fan of Law & Order, because I will watch the shit out of that show if nothing else is on.

This movie appears to be about a reporter who goes to another woman and tells her that she is going to out her as a covert C.I.A. Operative in the paper the next day. Well, then she gets arrested and put on trial and the rest of the movie is sure to be about how unfair it is that she was in jail and wasn't a traitor and blah blah blah. However, she should be put in jail for outing a government operative and possibly making that woman a target, as well as her family and also maybe the whole I can't really say I feel sorry for her.

I think this is based on a true story, in some instances. I think I remember a story like this, right?

Friday, December 5, 2008

A new Friday the 13th Trailer! Yay!

And by 'YAY', I mean whoopity-doo.

Why are all of the actors almost 30? And some of them aren't really that bad. Take Jared Padalecki for instance, I very much like him. He's good on Supernatural and that's about it. He was in the remake for House of Wax and that pretty much was terrible; it had Paris Hilton in it for the love of crap! Ugh. But, that said he is enjoyable on Supernatural and has potential. Plus, he isn't bad to look at, even though I used to call him a WB Rat...I take it back.

Now to the trailer: It looks like every other stupid "Someone is chasing me around, I have to run, scream and fall" as evidenced by the part in the trailer where the girl runs, scream and falls and no doubt gets that machete to her face. Terrible. This could be good if in the remake we find out that Jason is really his mother who is the killer and kills people because her son was killed...oh wait, that's the original.

This should be awful. And rated PG-13 and make money because teenagers will go and throw candy at people and make me mad...if I were to see this, and I'm not going to see this.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Romancing the Stone remake...and a music video!

Some retard in Hollywood wants to remake Romancing the Stone (as well as Arthur with Russell Brand (yarp!)) and no doubt they will cast Matthew McConaughey and young Goldie Hawn (I couldn't remember her name). It will most likely be like that awful Fool's Gold (?) movie they made together only named Romancing the Stone. Sounds good, doesn't it? Yeah...

On another note: They will most likely want to remake the title track, Romancing the Stone by Eddi Grant. Only this time it will be made by say, Nickelback, Creed or Jessica Simpson. I'll go with Jessica Simpson. And this is why: If ever there is a song, good or bad, that is already made, Jessica Simpson can take it and fuck it up. She'll make those faces that look like she is having a stroke and crapping her pants at the same time and she'll run all over the place with her voice. Have you ever heard her cover of Robbie Williams' Angels? It is probably the most atrocious sounding piece of garbage I have ever heard. I'm posting it below.

But anyway, back to Eddit Grant. As a lover of all things 80's cheese, I have never heard this song. It is very bad, but it's bad in that 1980's way...and I likey. So here it is:

However terrible this might be, it's super-duper catchy.

Here's the Simpson version of Angels. The over-the-topiness and stupid faces begin around 1:06.

Here's the original, good version:

Awesome digital art

The following link is for a site featuring some awesome digital artwork. The site says a little about each artist and shows a couple of paintings. My favorite is the work by Raphael Lacoste that has the Art Deco-meets-the-future-flair. It's almost at the end...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

While She Was Out

A movie where Kim Basinger screams (her specialty) and runs. Wasn't she in some movie called Cell Phone or something where she ran around with a cell phone? This looks terrible.

Basically she is a woman who gets battered around by her asshole of a husband until one day she goes to the mall to buy wrapping paper (I almost wrote rapping) and can't find a spot and then somehow gets into it with some kids who chase her around for some unknown reason...until...I don't really care.

What I do care about though, is this: Did that tire iron just make a clickity-clack noise like a gun being cocked? I watched it several times, and it does appear that it does!