Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Delgo...should be called Crapo!

I don't know why you would want to see this...please tell me you don't want to. It looks so bad!
I don't really care what it's about, since the characters look like some kind of mix between ape, Dark Crystal-creature, lizards and something out of my nightmares, but I assume it's about "Delgo" who falls in love with and has to save "girl". There is also "evil lady" who tries to kidnap "girl" and then, I don't know, there is a Lord of the Rings-style battle complete with even more creepy animated things.

Terrible! And coming to a theatre near you!*

*Yes, that's's not straight-to-video.

Castle Trailer.

Well, since I love me some Nathan Fillion whenever I can get him, here's a little treat! A new series on ABC coming mid-season. I can only assume that the folks over at ABC fell in love with the Nicest Man in Hollywood when he was on Desperate Housewives last season.

Show looks fun and I like!

Lost Season 5 Promo!

Time: Early 2009.

Place: My T.V. in my house!
I can NOT wait for this! *

*Desmond better not die!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let the Right One In...I don't think so!

I was, at first, unsure of this...then I watched the trailer and also a clip which I may be able to find and post.

It's about a boy who befriends a strange girl. Turns out she's a vampire and...yep, it looks like she starts to kill people. Oh good...that sounds like fun.

Welp, Guillermo del Toro said it was good, so it will be. Plus, it looks good.*

*Oh good, no one has it here, because Michigan sucks! Hooray!


Remember this?

THE best "I woke up as a child again" movie. Really, the only one that is worth watching.

Of course there were others. Most recently 13 Going on 30, with Jennifer Garner, which was cute. But this?

This is awful. And unwanted, much like the earlier post for Friday the 13th trailer.
Watch Big! be remade (come on, that's what is going on here) with someone New Line thinks is the new Tom Hanks (he's not!). Matthew Perry falls into a vortex and now he's Zach Efron! And he's going to school with his kids! And he thinks his wife/friends mother is hot! But he's already married to her!! Oh my God, this is so awesome!*

*It's not.

It's so bad, I don't even care that the quality is so fucking awful!

If you managed to make it past that crap-fest above, and got to the text written here...congratulations! You are now more dumber (see, I watched it and now I say things like 'more dumber')!

It's the trailer for the remake no one asked for, Friday the 13th! Even though, like Saw, there have been around six thousand sequels and prequels someone thought, "Hey, let's make a new one. One with two people who should be better than this, even though one of them was in that House of Wax remake no one wanted. Yeah, the one with that herpes ridden Hilton girl". I imagine the exchange went something like that.

So anyway, it appears the "reimagined" version consists of two people going to a house (?) and finding a bed that says Jason on it and then a head in a shrine-hole and then the dude falls in the floor and the girl screams over and over again for no reason...oh and then at the end, she falls down and screams! I know, unexpected, right?

Friday, October 17, 2008


Angelina Jolie stars as Christine Collins, a woman in 1928 Los Angeles whose son was abducted and returned to her after a five month search. Only problem is that he is not her son, or so she says. The LAPD insist this is her son and go so far as to plop her in a mental institution because she won't sign a paper saying he is. It's about time there was another movie that looks as good as L.A. Confidential, one of my personal favorites! Changeling was directed by Clint Eastwood and also stars the wonderful and overlooked Jeffrey Donovan and Colm Feore.

Limited release next Friday, theatres everywhere the following Friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Night TV 10/16/08

This is your option for 10:00. There are DVR/Tape one of them!

Thursday Night TV 10/16/08 9:00

Supernatural "Monster Movie"

The guys head out on a case involving...Vampires, Werewolves and Mummies. And it's in black and white.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Literal version of Head Over Heels

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Trailers, trailers, everywhere!

I think this is a very early version of the trailer for this movie, but why would you release it in this capacity? It makes not sense. Here is what is going on: There is a part where Eva Green says "...I die ev..." and then it moves to a new part of the trailer. Ryan Phillipe plays Jonathan Preist (?) and tonight he is going to kill a man. Two Worlds Existing in Parallel. Mask come off, weird guy's with hats. How Far Will You Go For Love. Eva Green's eyes, falling into a bed. And Vengeance. Change music from Max Payne trailer. "Four years and all of a sudden you want to" "offer you a job". Individual is coming back to Meanwhile City and they want to give Ryan a chance to make amends. Fighting. Same music (chunk, chunk, chunk) used in beginning again! Music from The Fountain. Eva Green saying what I said above. "Who's Franklyn?" Zoom in on apartment label Franklyn while voiceover repeats the thing I said above...again. Between What Is Real. Eva Green with red hair and some dude. And What Is Imagined. More The Fountain score. Fighting. And What Is Feared. Four Souls. Will Collide.
If that makes no sense to you, you have just read what the trailer is...incoherant. It looks interesting enough but...what the hell is going on? Maybe a later version will make sense?

The Haunting in Connecticut
Eh. Another "Based on true events". You know what that means? Someone lived in the house with a kid who had cancer and they liked haunted houses. This looks awful and I christen it The Number 46...get it? The Number 23 the sequel? Because Virginia Madsen is in it and the movie will suck as bad as The Number 23. Whatever. This is about a family who moves to Connecticut because their son has cancer. I don't know why you would move to Connecticut if your kid has cancer, but maybe you would. They find things in the floorboards, of course. And then weird things start happening because it used to be a morgue. O.K. The the kid writes on himself, or did he? And shadow-crows fly around while everyone screams, eventually to either run/fall up the stairs or run/fall into the woods where they will no doubt find the graves of the people who were murdered during a seance/drunken orgy back in olden times. Sounds good doesn't it? No.

My Name is Bruce
I love Bruce Campbell and his ability to make fun of himself in the most adorable way possible. This looks funny and probably is...
It's about these kids in some hick town who go to Bruce, because he is Bruce Campbell the only action star that can speak English, for help in stopping the monster Guan-di, the protector of bean curd. He was summoned by some teenagers to protect the souls of some Chinese miners of yesteryear. They get Bruce to come stop him. I really love the part where he is running away, firing blindly into the people following him. Classic.

That's all for now folks! I'm off to do something else.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

True Blood Episode 7 "Burning House of Love"

It just gets better and better!

Sam is steppin' it up, Bill's looking hot and dumping someone in the lake, Sookies been sucked on, crazy vampires have come to Merlotte's, Tera's mom is well, a drunk...

Love it!

Michael Caine "Bongo in the Congo"

This is an extra on the DVD for the movie 'Stella Street', which is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. It's from a British comedy troupe that does amazing impressions.

Sorry no was 'disabled by request'...
go check it out!

PIE! A public service announcement from Kevin and Olivia and pie!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tip your waitress!

I love this I share it with you.

Dead Space

I saw this trailer for this video game at the theatre this weekend. It looks scary and good. I want.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

PG Porn

I love Nathan Fillion. So here is some Nathan Fillion!

Thursday night television.

All week there is never a night that is chock-full of shows worth watching. None that is, except Thursday night.

Tonight there is Earl and the new show Kath & Kim on NBC at 8:00 and 8:30.

9:00 brings one of my favorites, Supernatural. The boys have to deal with a man who is turning into a flesh-eating monster! Yum!

And because every once in awhile there is some truly gross parts of is a clip of the episode for tonight!

Then at 10 there are two, count 'em TWO shows that may be worth watching.

One is Life On Mars. A remake of the BBC series. It looks halfway decent and stars Jason O'Mara (yum!)

Then there is Eleventh Hour, also on at 10 on CBS. It has Rufus Sewell, that's enough for me to watch at least once to see if it's good.

Granted this trailer isn't that great but I couldn't find one quick enough!

And enjoy the perennial favorite and set your DVR's for tonight's episode of It's Always Sunny!

Enjoy tv tonight!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This week's trailer roundup!

Shiver- At first I thought ick! But then when I saw that it was from one of the producer's of Pan's Labyrinth (amazing) and The Orphange (stunning) and is most likely Spanish and probably scary and good. So even though the trailer isn't that great and is seriously lacking in some Don LaFontaine action (R.I.P.)

Just Buried- Maybe funny? It seems like a storyline that has been done before and done better. But it is a lower budget film, so maybe?

Curious Case of Benjamin Button- This looks good.

True Blood Episode Episode 6 "Cold Ground"

This is another tidbit for Terri...

Looks like Jason is falling apart even more...and of course, some more people have sex.
Please don't ever ask if this show is appropriate for your is not!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Literal version of Take On Me Video

I saw this on Attack of the Show and checked out the full version on You Tube. Here it is...It's freakin' great!

Dharma Wants You

Dharma doesn't want me because I am a cheater! Yes, as I have said a million times, I like to cheat at games. I'm not proud of it...yes I am! I don't do anything else wrong except cheat at's not like I smoke crack!

Anyway, LOST has these ARG (Alternate Reality Games) they do when the show is off-air. Last year it was really cool and was like a search for Flight 815 at It starred this little known, to us, Australian actor Rodger Corser who played Sam Thomas a man searching for his partner who was a flight attendant on Flight 815. He is convinced she is alive and the the flight did not disappear and you go along with him on his search for her and the plane. It ends with him finding the plane on the bottom of the ocean; much like how the season began. I really wanted the show to tie in the characters because I just enjoyed seeing Rodger every week when I played and I was intrigued by his character.

Well this year is not that's interesting, but not crazy cool! At least not yet. It's called Dharma Wants You and it is a recruiting operation. Basically every week or so comes a new 'test' and you play it and get ranked. Well, if you are like me and 'cheated' on some or all of the tests, you are deemed "Black Swan" for the last one. I don't know what that means really, and won't know until December something...

Ah hell, who the hell and I matter if it's good or bad, I will watch and play this shit. One I love J.J.. Two I love LOST. And three I love ARG's.

I'm off to play the True Blood sweepstakes.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A sequel to '300'?

It'll be called '600'. Or, Th3ee00(2). I'll go with the last one.

Oh, some ass also thinks it's a good idea to make a sequel to one of the best movies EVER! Blade Runner! Yeah.
If you are not familiar with this sci-fi classic then let me enlighten you: Harrison Ford plays Rick Deckard, a Blade Runner. His job is to hunt down rogue Replicants (Cyborg's, if you will) and kill them. This time around he is charged with finding a group of four, led by Roy Batty, who hijacked a ship and have returned to Earth to find their maker.
The film is a sweeping, dark, bleak vision of the future, a future where humans have created machines to work for them and they, of course, don't like it. Now they are outlawed and are to be shot on-site.

It was also released in an awesome collector's edition last X-Mas which had all of the versions of the movie (there were like 5)...and a little briefcase, unicorn and a bunch of other shit.

Because there are like 5 different trailers, here is the best scene in the movie and one of the phrases in history: