Friday, September 19, 2008

"Exit Speed" Bad Trailer Edition

Wow...I saw this on one of my favorite sites And because I found it so mesmerizing, so phenomenal, I had to post it here. It may become a new that I know how to do it!

The trailer gives a little run-down of the titillating storyline. A group of (ragtag rebels?) people are on a bus heading home (or away from the army!) and suddenly a bunch of bikers (?) appear and start to terrorize the bus. Yes, that is what happens. They then drive and drive and drive and somehow hit a biker and then all the other bikers magically disappear! Then "Does anyone get a signal" happens and the biker they hit shoots a gun in their direction! Whoo, intense! Man, what happens next? Then all the bikers come back! And they drive and drive and drive through a forest (?) Suddenly, they are in the dark and Caroline in the City says she'll make the run, she runs. Yeah...again...that was said.

I love how they tell the entire story in the trailer and how the head biker, or crotch-rockettier if you will, does nothing but pop wheelies through the entire "film". Seriously, it's a front wheelie, a back wheelie, can he do a side wheelie...I bet he'll try. When they are at night and near the "hangout" of the bikers, one of them is doing wheelies in a circle (I don't know why either).

I haven't seen this movie (nor, will I ever) but I get the whole thing from the neat 2:17 trailer.

"We stop we die, you understand that? We stop we die" In-tense!

Don't rent not give them cause to make a sequel! Do watch the trailer and laugh.

I also added the "bus attack" scene! Whee, where MORE wheelies occur and the guy splits his legs in the air! OH MY GOD! It's cool! They're, not outlaws, nomads...Hell's Little Angels!

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