Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes Premiere...

Yay, Heroes started last night. And true to form, I can't remember a damn bit of anything that went on. I don't know why, but I watch the show everyweek and buy it every time it comes out on DVD, but when someone asks what the hell went on in the last episode, I draw a damn blank! So that's where the Internets come in. I'm not going to spoiler anything in Heroes, because it will take FAR too long to go over.

"The Second Coming"
Here is what happened:
- We find out who tried to assassinate Nathan, and why.
- Hiro (I want to pinch those damn cheeks) gets a message from his Dad and it's some kind of formula, well, half of a formula.
- It gets stolen by some chick that moves fast and has retarded-ass hair! I mean, WTF? It looks like she took a bleach shower and stuck her finger in a light socket.
- Sylar shows up to get some from Claire (some powers, that is) and ends up (don't read further...I freakin' lied about the lack of spoilers, so...)SPOILERS!!!! taking her damn skull off and poking at her head. He steals her power but without killing her. He does make her unable to feel, though. She asks him if he is going to eat her brain and his response "Claire, that's disgusting", is classic. I am unsure of what exactly he does with the brains then. I mean, he just poked in her head and twisted something and I've always wondered how he gets the powers exactly.
- Oh, fuck it, there might be SPOILERS from here on out, so watch the show on TV (G4 tonight), the Internets, or On Demand before you finish reading this...
- Future Peter, who is hanging around, sends Parkman to where we later learn is Africa (?).
- Mohinder creates this serum from Maya which can make anyone have some powers that are taylored to their individual chemistry.

"The Butterfly Effect"
- Hiro sees Ando killing him and stealing the formula from him, when he goes into the future. He doesn't mean to, but he's after the girl with the dumb hair and he jumps too far...oh, and the city he's in goes all ka-blooey too!
- Nikki is no longer Nikki, or never was. Oh, and she freezes some dumbass Terminator-style and he crumbles into icky pieces and melts. Yukkers!
- Sylar kills Bob and when Elle goes to let Noah out Sylar tries to take her power and she...well, she explodes-ish. She also lets everyone out of Level 5. One of which is Weevil...I mean the real Peter whom Future Peter hid there.
- Claire's mommy comes back to take care of her...yeah, right.
- Oh and Mohindar who's all jumpy and hyper starts to experience things...like he can see his pulsing veins and then he goes into the bathroom and starts to peel off icky pieces of his back! Eeeyoooyuck!

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