Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles *SPOILERS*

O.K. since I spent a bunch-a-cruncha time yesterday typing this awesome run-down of the show only to get the aforementioned "oops!" message, I am again going to attempt to type this up. This time, however, I am going to save and post it and come back to it later. So have no fear if the post ends mid-sentence...you just went blind!

Anyway, I called Terminator:SCC's the "official" start to the 2008 season for a reason; because it is. Technically Gossip Girl and 90210 started last week, but lets be honest...they are fluff and only intended as so, which isn't a bad thing really. So then came yesterday with T:SCC. And what a doozy. Let me run down some awesome-ness that flung down the cable/across the wires last night.

The show started where it ended last year during its severely truncated first season (9 episodes people!). There were two main events: Cromartie killin' all those FBI guys and Cameron getting blown to smithereens when she started the bomb-rigged Jeep, which was set by Sarkissian (what an ass!). The season began with those same two events and moved on. While Cameron was getting blown to bitties, Sarkissian and thug were attacking John and Sarah and it wasn't looking good; until Cameron, damaged chip and all, came hobbling into the house and took out thug. Then she ambled upstairs to, we assumed, get Sarkissian. When she enters the room, she sees John and Sarah standing over Sarkissian and she looks at John and her "view" says: "John Connor: TERMINATE"; she tries just that. They run, she follows.

Meanwhile, Derek and Charley meet up at the apartment complex and take off after Sarah, John and Cameron. But there is also a third storyline in this episode. That would be the inclusion of the awesome Shirley Manson as Catherine Weaver. A mysterious head of a company, whose name I can't remember. She wants The Turk...yeah, the precursor to SkyNet...but why? "It's going to change the world". No fuck, it is! It's going to annhilate everyone!

So Cameron finds Sarah and John and chases them. They are in a car and drive into the "L.A. River" and Cameron grabs at their car causing it to flip over. At least they had some good continuity because when Cameron grabs at the car the stuntperson or dummy, falls on it's face. They then show Cameron getting up off her face and coming after Sarah who tells John to run. Cameron tells her to call to him and when she says he won't come back she says she knows and she heads off after him. Long story shorter: She gets pinned between two trucks and begins to plead with John that she doesn't want to die and that he needs her and she loves him. I love the look on John's face right before he pulls her chip out. So stuff goes on that I don't want to write about, even though it was awesome! Derek tells Charley that he doesn't really think Sarah will let him take care of her, does he? Weaver creates a new division called Babylon, which one of her subordinates doesn't like. Ellison goes to Cromartie and tells him he isn't going to do the devil's work. Cromartie says "We'll see..."Awesome.

John eventually puts Camerons' chip back and she says she isn't going to kill him. She actually "overrides" her programming to do it.

And in the most awesome shit of the night...SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!!
The guy who was bitching about Weaver goes into the bathroom and bitches more. He goes to the urinal to take a piss and says she really pisses him off and then...the urinal morphs into Weaver. Holy shit! She's a damn T-1000! WTF? She says, "I'm sorry I piss you off" and her finger turns into that spikey thing from T-2 and kills him! Then she says, "The feelings mutual"...Sweet! We've got a T-2 on our hands!

And on a side note...David Silver is freakin' hot now!

This was one kick-ass of a season premiere and incredibly entertaining. And then there's Hole in the Wall...eh.

What is it about a show/storline that is a giant paradox that is so damn fascinating? I mean John Connor sends back Kyle Reese from the future to stop a Terminator, from the future, from killing Sarah Connor. Sarah and Kyle get it on but Kyle dies and leaves Sarah with a baby...John. So if Kyle dies now, he isn't around in the future anymore. So then John sends back another Terminator to keep the teenage him alive and safe from a different Terminator so he stays alive in the future...but no matter what they do SkyNet always comes out in the future as the harbinger of death. And how can the John in the future send back people and cyborgs to save the John in the past or his mother? If he isn't in existence in the past until the future John sends back Kyle to create him, then how can the future John be in existence...Heavy paradoxical shit!

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