Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fringe "Pilot"

Well, it is no surprise that I am a lover of the J.J. Abrams. I have waited for Fringe to come on since I first heard about it. I wasn't sure what to think at first, but I was pleased with what I saw the other day.

The show begins, yes again, with an airplane ride; however this airplane ride is significantly different from the one on LOST. There is a storm and people are freaking out (I would be doing this too), but there is one passenger who looks more distressed than the others. He looks like I did when I was going to L.A. this past May and thought I was going to hurl...which is weird because I don't get motion sickness; it was either the pilot subtley dipping the plane enough to not really notice or whatever the hell was wrong with my stomach at that point...So the guy next to him says something about it not being that bad and he grabs this box out from his briefcase (the guy freaking out, not the other passenger) and gets out this injector that looks like an insulin pen and injects himself. Apparently, that wasn't helping because he gets up and starts toward the bathroom, I think. The flight attendant gets up and starts after him, because the damn plane is crashing and all, and he's sweating and grasping at his collar. The attendant reaches him and grabs at his back and he turns around and he pulls his hands away from his face and HIS DAMN FACE IS MELTING OFF! He screams, she screams, everyone screams and people are melting and shit and it's simultaniously gross and awesome! The co-pilot opens the door, like a dumbass, and the pilot puts the plane on autopilot, like a dumbass, and he's all screaming what's going on, or something. Everyone is melting out in the fuselage and then the co-pilot turns around to the pilot and he's all melty and his damn jaw falls off! Awesome!

The remaining part of the story involves FBI agent Olivia Dunham who is a "Liaison" at the FBI, as repeatedly mentioned by that creepy guy who keeps appearing to people on LOST. She arrives at the scene of the plane crash, where it seems to have landed was on auto-pilot! It's all covered in plastic and foggy and everyone is melted away! Hooray! So Olivia and her coworker/man-candy John Scott arrive, separately, to the site and examine stuff. Later guy-from-LOST send Olivia out to a storage locker area to follow a lead and they find a bunch of garages full of lab animals and computers and shit. Some guy appears, they follow, and he blows the place up. Oh, and he's also the guy from the plane who fell apart, his twin at least. Well John gets blown up too and some chemical compound that was released starts to make him turn see-through and die. So Olivia's new mission is to find out a cure to this compound to save Keen Eddie.

Along the way she learns about a mad genious, Dr. Walter Bishop who worked with all this shit before and possibly knows how to cure John. Turns out that Dr. Bishop is in a mental institution because he was found incompetant to stand trial for the deaths of some people because of his experiments, or something. Well, Olivia can't go in to see him unless escorted by a family member, so she runs off to the middle east to find Bishop's son, Pacey...just kidding, it's a much more attractive and likeable child actor, Jonathan Jackson playing Peter. She blackmails him into believing she has junk on him and she'll release it if he doesn't play along, so he does.

So they go on a quest to find this cure to the compound. I won't go into that because I don't remember and don't want to look it up right now. Anyway, long story short, they save John, find the twin of the guy on the plane, John kills him because he was the one who was doing some shifty shit and he ends up dying in a car crash telling Olivia to ask herself why guy-from-LOST sent her to the warehouse out of everybody. Oh, guy-from-LOST asks Olivia to join his team too.

Despite my kind of lackluster review, I really enjoyed this show. I thought it was moody, entertaining, and J.J. I want to see where this is going and I want to know what's going on. I am not sure whether other people are going to convince FOX to keep it on, but then again, look at the X-Files. I'm interested in seeing some more of the characters backgrounds as well as some stand-alone stories; but there needs to be some mythology, I love mythology in a show.

I will watch again, and I hope you do too.

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