Saturday, September 27, 2008

Planet Earth and Earth

I'm taking it down a little with this post; no snarky, no cynical, just goodness.
I went to check Miracle at St. Anna yesterday and I was surprised by the trailer for the DisneyNature film "Earth". I didn't know it was Earth at first but I knew it had some of the footage from Planet Earth, the breathtaking mini-series that was shown last year in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel.

Here is a trailer:

Planet Earth - Trailer - More amazing video clips are a click away

Planet Earth was a mini-series that originally aired in the U.K. on one of the BBC channels and was bought by the Discovery Channel to be shown over here in the U.S. As part of that cost for the show, they had to put a lot of commercials in, a LOT of commercials in. So, with the addition of the commercials, the show had to be cut up a lot and so the original narrators (David Attenborough) musings were off. So the Discovery Channel hired Sigourney Weaver to narrate the U.S. version. While I preferred her soothing voice, the amount that was cut out of every episode was really annoying. For example, there is a part of the show at the end that the Discovery Channel version called "Capturing the Moment". In the U.S. this was about a five to ten minute, if you were lucky, behind the scenes look at some part of the episode. Well, the BBC version has like a 10-20 minute look into the episode. So basically, if you buy (and you should) buy the BBC version; it must say BBC on it!

Planet Earth covered everything with little to no idiot humans appearing, except in the episode about caves, to muck it up. It simply showed breathtaking and majestic views of this planet. One of the best parts is the use of a camera that takes like 5000 frames a second, or something. In the Fresh Water episode there is a part that shows this camera in action when some Crocodiles attack some Wildebeasts; it was amazing and the look on the Zebras face is priceless; I couldn't find a clip. This is truly an amazing program and one every person should own and watch.

Here is one of my favorite clips: It's about one of the various species of Bird of Paradise.

So back to the Earth part. When I went to the theatre and realized that now Disney came in and made this a feature length program that will be out Earth Day 2009, I was flabbergasted and excited all at the same time. I am not kidding, this show makes me is SO amazing and beautiful. Buy it, watch it, love it, and even if you don't like nature programs, you will be awestruck by how this show/movie was shot, framed, edited and broadcast!

Here's the trailer for the movie!

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