Sunday, September 14, 2008

Season Finale of Supernatural, "No Rest For the Wicked"

What does Supernatural have going for it, besides the incredibly beautiful Jensen Ackles (seriously the most beautiful man on the planet)? Well, it has creepy shit and seriously can make you not want to turn the light off at night! I mean really. There are humorous episodes, tearful episodes and some majorly scary ones.

After a slimmed down season due to the strike that made me come back to Michigan, damn it, we are looking to a new season that starts Thursday. How the hell is Dean going to get out of Hell? How did he get in Hell, you ask? Well, you see, he sold his soul to the devil in order to save Sam. So after a year the hellhounds will come for him (they did) and drag his ass off to Hell (they do) and he will, we assume, spend the rest of eternity in Hell (he does?). Considering that Dean is one of the two main characters and the show is coming back for another season, we will guess that he isn't dead, or that he comes back from the dead...but isn't a zombie! So how will this happen and what will the new season consist of? Will our heros go off after the demon Lillith? Will Ruby be back (the answer to that is no. Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions they are not bringing Katie Cassidy back even though her character was quite compelling).

For those of you not familiar with this fantastic show, you know because you are afraid of the fact that it is on The CW, it started as a show about two brothers that are trying to locate their father, who is a demon hunter. He went off after the yellow-eyed demon who killed their mother and marked Sam when he was just a baby. They found him at the end of season one and it appears he made a deal with the yellow-eyed demon to take his soul instead of Deans, after Dean was seriously injured in a car crash right at the end of season one. So Dad is gone and Dean is back and very angry about the loss of dad. Then at the end of season two when Sam is stabbed and dies, Dean makes a deal with a demon to save Sam and take him in a year. So Sam is saved and Dean is on a deathlist in a year, oh and they let loose a shit-ton of demons in the process. This brings us to the end of last season where Dean dies. And ends up in Hell, changed to...chains and screaming for Sam.

Here is a list of what the brothers have come across over the years:
A sort of Rusalka spirit in a lake
Bloody Mary
Yellow-eyed demons
Creepy-ass malevolent doctor in an asylum
Some kind of ghost-truck driver
Sinister family called The Benders
Shadow spirit
Ghost of a deceased depression-era farmer...or is it?
Witch that steals life-forces
Ghost painting
(eeeep!) Clowns
Angry dead girl spirit
Guy who uses powers to make others do what he wants
America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes
Croatoan (Roanoke, VA)
Imaginary friend in an old hotel
Repeating ghostly encounters
Cursed rabbit foot
Bedtime stories coming to life
Ghost ship
Crocotta it!

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