Thursday, September 4, 2008

The first new children to the Fall TV Lineup

Well, for lack of anything really good on yet, I will discuss the few new shows I was able to watch this week.

The first would be Gossip Girl. I know it isn't new, but since I've seen about five minutes of the show total all last season, we'll call it new. This show isn't good. If you want fluff and only fluff, watch it. It's barely entertaining and the fact these high school students walk around like Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte (and the slutty one) while only being like 16, is annoying. A plus is the adorable Kristen Bell narrating as "Gossip Girl" and Penn Badgely is still hot (which is borderline creepy seeing as he's like 10 years younger than me...whatever Thomas Dekker is hot too...and has the coolest name ever, it reminds me of Deckard from Blade Runner...and I ramble) despite being on this show. I was mildly entertained but if I have to see another commercial where Blaire (god, why do I know the damn names?) has to impress the guy she didn't like, but now likes because he's a Duke, and then says something stupid to the Duchess...I will punch someone in their kidney!

The second show is one I was hoping would be awful; 90210. The show no one asked for turned out to not be that bad. Now, it wasn't great but it was kind of fun to watch. We now have a token black student, because apparently no black people live in Beverly Hills...still. I know they do. But we had to make the show "current" and "hip". We had good 'ol Kelly and her "step-sister", Silver. It took me nearly the entire pilot to realize that Silver was David Silver's sister and since Kelly's drunkard/whore mother married David's dad...stepsister. I hope that the suddenly hot Brian Austin Green does not come on the show. He has Terminator, he's Kyle Reese's fuckin' bro, man! And there was 'ol crooked face herself, little miss I get's fired from every show, Shannen Doherty. She has nothing to do, so she'll be back. I'll probably watch it until the good stuff starts in the next few weeks, and then I'll watch it online. Oh, and the one teacher and Rob Estes are enough to make me watch some more.

And on to something a little off-track. Why isn't there more Nathan Fillion on tv right now? There should be a mandate that at least one thing with this amazing, funny man on each day. It could just be a smidge of funny, a clip, a blooper, or a movie. I don't care...but like Fichtner, there needs to be more Fillian in our days. It brightens the sky, makes us smile...oh crap, thank god it's Friday tomorrow!



Chad Gibbons said...

First Kevin Durand and now Nathan Fillion? Whats with you and the Canucks?

Barb said...

I don't know...I guess I just LOVE our neighbors to the north. And Fillion has LONG been a favorite!