Thursday, December 4, 2008

Romancing the Stone remake...and a music video!

Some retard in Hollywood wants to remake Romancing the Stone (as well as Arthur with Russell Brand (yarp!)) and no doubt they will cast Matthew McConaughey and young Goldie Hawn (I couldn't remember her name). It will most likely be like that awful Fool's Gold (?) movie they made together only named Romancing the Stone. Sounds good, doesn't it? Yeah...

On another note: They will most likely want to remake the title track, Romancing the Stone by Eddi Grant. Only this time it will be made by say, Nickelback, Creed or Jessica Simpson. I'll go with Jessica Simpson. And this is why: If ever there is a song, good or bad, that is already made, Jessica Simpson can take it and fuck it up. She'll make those faces that look like she is having a stroke and crapping her pants at the same time and she'll run all over the place with her voice. Have you ever heard her cover of Robbie Williams' Angels? It is probably the most atrocious sounding piece of garbage I have ever heard. I'm posting it below.

But anyway, back to Eddit Grant. As a lover of all things 80's cheese, I have never heard this song. It is very bad, but it's bad in that 1980's way...and I likey. So here it is:

However terrible this might be, it's super-duper catchy.

Here's the Simpson version of Angels. The over-the-topiness and stupid faces begin around 1:06.

Here's the original, good version:

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