Thursday, December 18, 2008

Echelon Conspiracy...Ooh!

Ooh! It's scary! E.R. (Shane West) gets a cell phone, mysteriously, in the mail and the company that sent it won't tell him where it came from or who sent it. Then, it starts talking to him and telling him to do things. Like play a slot machine where he wins a shit-ton of money before security comes after him. Then he runs and other stuff and to be honest I don't really think it matters what happens in the trailer because it's clear, complete with the stupid woman's voice, that they are making an Eagle Eye of the cell phone variety. I like when the phone tells him not to turn it off or it will kill him. What if he has to get updates? I know my IPhone gets a little pissy when I don't turn it off periodically to do whatever it does when you turn it off. The last scene with the guy almost getting hit by one car and then probably getting hit by another car coming the other direction, makes no sense.

Maybe they can add in a bit about how the cellphone is leading spirits from another realm in to kill all of humanity so they can take over the world? That wouldn't be like another genre-film that starred Kristen Bell and has made at least one direct-to-video sequel.



Dave said...

WOW. what a lame review. I'm sure this movie won't teach us moral values or make us look deep inside ourselves, but it still looks FUN. Some cool actors (Shane is still cute), some crazy explosions, and of course your standard car chase...

what's wrong with letting the hair down once in a while and just zoning out to a good action film?

Barb said...

What's wrong with zoning out to a good action film? Nothing...But this isn't a good action film. If you want to watch it, go ahead.