Friday, December 5, 2008

A new Friday the 13th Trailer! Yay!

And by 'YAY', I mean whoopity-doo.

Why are all of the actors almost 30? And some of them aren't really that bad. Take Jared Padalecki for instance, I very much like him. He's good on Supernatural and that's about it. He was in the remake for House of Wax and that pretty much was terrible; it had Paris Hilton in it for the love of crap! Ugh. But, that said he is enjoyable on Supernatural and has potential. Plus, he isn't bad to look at, even though I used to call him a WB Rat...I take it back.

Now to the trailer: It looks like every other stupid "Someone is chasing me around, I have to run, scream and fall" as evidenced by the part in the trailer where the girl runs, scream and falls and no doubt gets that machete to her face. Terrible. This could be good if in the remake we find out that Jason is really his mother who is the killer and kills people because her son was killed...oh wait, that's the original.

This should be awful. And rated PG-13 and make money because teenagers will go and throw candy at people and make me mad...if I were to see this, and I'm not going to see this.

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