Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Boat That Rocked

Based solely on the description over at Trailer Addict (which, I assume, was given to them by the movie company) I would never even think to see this movie. But the cast is quite awesome and it looks funny.

So here is why I disliked the synopsis: "It's about a band of rogue DJ's..." What the hell is a band of rogue DJ's? Rogue machines, rogue robots, rogue computer programs, rogue C.I.A. agents...that I get, but rogue DJ's? Usually I just think of DJ's going to a club at 11p.m. spinning some tunes and banging Lindsay Lohan (eww...yes, eww. It's eww for both sides of that pairing), I don't think of them as being 'rogue'.

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