Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obsessed. The movie we've seen a thousand times before...

In this trailer we see Ali Larter (bad actress, only cast in things so she can walk around in her underwear) playing a temp who begins to stalk her boss, Idris Elba, and then tries to kill his wife, Beyonce (why? I don't know. She seems oddly cast against Elba). It's a movie we've seen a bazillion times before. The old: She's new (temp, nanny, receptionist, etc), she wants the boss, he's married, she finds out he's married and won't cheat, he tells her to buzz off, she gets angry, she tries to kill herself but makes it look like he tried to kill her, abuse her, etc, he gets arrested and blamed, she goes after the wife, they fight, someone falls through the floor/over the balcony, most likely temp dies, laying on the foyer, one leg bent awkwardly while wife buries her face in husbands chest as the police enter through the doorway with their lights flashing in the background as silently, the credits roll.

Sound about right?

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