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LOST Season 5 "The Lie"

As the episode opens the Oceanic 6 are on Penny's boat discussing what they will tell people about their sudden appearance and about the crash. Jack says they have to all agree on the story. Hurley doesn't want to lie and thinks Penny can call off Mr.Widmore. Jack says the guy sent a boat of people out to kill them and faked a plane crash. Hurley thinks they'll never find it, it disappeared *Bloop*. I love that Hurley line! Jack says if Hurley says the island disappeared, or anything else that happened out there, people will think he's crazy. Hurley gets a look on his face says that if they stick together and make people believe them, they will. He doesn't want to spend the rest of his life lying. Me thinks that this is how Hurley ended up in the institution? Sayid says they have to lie and Hurley tells him that some day he will need his help and he's not going to get it. Of course we all know that he will need Hurley's help and Hurley WILL help him.

Well, Hurley is driving, erratically all over the road with Sayid all passed out in the car. He hears a siren and gets pulled over. By Ana Lucia. Yeah. She's dead, so WTF? She tells Hurley that he has a lot to do starting with getting new clothes and taking Sayid to someone he trusts. She tells him that whatever he does, do NOT get arrested. Uh-oh, I didn't really put that together with what happens at the end. She says that Libby says 'Hi'.

The islanders are on the beach and trying to start a fire and whatnot when Frogurt comes up and starts bitching about starting fires. Sawyer comes by and takes Frogurts shirt. I love how Frogurt has a red shirt on and IS a Red Shirt, so you know what is going to happen to him. Daniel wanders back onto the beach and says he got lost (he didn't) and that he needs to calculate a new bearing on where they are in time. Miles is going to get food (don't worry about it) and Juliet says they'll go get water.

Hurley still can't get Sayid to wake up and goes into a store to buy some new clothes and gets a I Love My Shih-tzu (Oh Hurley, you make me smile so). The girl at the counter says that she knows him from somewhere. Hurley's like no, no. And she guesses he was the one who won the lottery and crashed in that plane. It's great because he keeps looking behind her at the TV that's running the news story about him. Crazy Hurley! As they drive out of the station, in drives Kate. She almost calls Jack but decides against it and instead receives a call from an unknown number. She agrees to meet whoever it is.

Ben takes something out of a vent and puts it in a bag, rather too quickly I think, like he's trying to hide it from Jack. He tells Jack to pack whatever he needs because he isn't coming back, and he'll meet up with him in 6 hours. Jack asks why and he is told that Locke's body is in the van outside and he has to put it somewhere safe. Jack is all, "Safe? He is dead, isn't he?" and then Ben says I'll see you in 6 hours.

What the hell is Hurley's father putting on the sandwich? Who puts pepperoni with caviar? Oh yeah, Hurley's there with Sayid. He says that they are there because people are after them and tried to kill them. Now the LAPD show up, and Hurley's dad gets them out of there. Hurley says they can't go to the hospital because people are after them. He thinks he knows what to do.

Kate's at a hotel. Who is she meeting? Oh, it's Sun!

Now Ben is going to a butcher! Who the hell is Jill? And who is Jeffrey and Gabriel, for that matter? How does she know that Locke is in the van? What the hell is going on? Oh, and what are they about to do and why does it all hinge on Locke being kept safe?

Back on the island (which is three years ago right? Because Locke is still there and in the other storyline, he's already dead. I'm confused!) Bernard is trying to start a fire and Frogurt starts being an ass again. Daniel and Charlotte (I've remembered her name) sit down to eat some fruit and Charlotte says she can't get rid of her headache and earlier she couldn't remember her mother's maiden name. We all know what's happening to her! Oh and Miles comes rambling back to camp with a boar that he found dead in the jungle. He doesn't elaborate on how he found it, probably used his dead people hunting skill or whatever the hell it is he has. He's freakin' weird! So then Forgurt gets all up in arms about not having a knife and not getting off the island and not having fire...and fire finds him! In the form of an arrow. Frogurt totally deserves this, he's so annoying and the Red Shirt always dies. Who the hell is flingin' all those arrows, anyway?

Hurley's dad asks whether he is really crazy or not and Hurley says no, he has a really good reason for lying..."Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?" That was Hurley's mom. Hurley's dad takes Sayid somewhere in his car while Hurley says that he can explain everything to her.

Kate is talking with Sun and she says that someone knows they are lying. Sun tells her that whoever it is that sent the lawyers doesn't want to say their secret or else they'd just do it. She tells Kate that she needs to take care of them, wouldn't Kate do anything she could to keep Aaron? Kate asks what kind of person Sun thinks she is? We are treated to a flashback on the freighter and Sun says she's the kind of person who makes difficult decisions when she has to, like she did on the freighter. Kate apologizes for what happened on the freighter and Sun says she doesn't blame her. I think she's lying big-time. She does blame her and maybe has bad something to do with this little lawyer thing with Kate. We know she holds a grudge against Ben and no doubt has one against Kate. I'm not real clear why she's upset with Ben, unless there is something else going on we haven't seen yet?

Jack meets Hurley's dad and Jack takes Sayid. He calls Ben and tells him that Sayid just showed up at his door. Ben looks astonished. Why? What exactly went down? He was working with Ben at some point, presumably doing things he thought we good, but apparently now he doesn't feel this way. Hugo sits down with his mom and she demands to know what's going on? He tells her all about what happened after the plane crash and that they all lied. He says all of this is happening because they lied.

Sawyer and Juliet and still farting around in the jungle and Sawyer STILL doesn't have any shoes on. Damn it man, find some fucking shoes! Fuck the shirt, get some shoes. You're wandering around in the JUNGLE! Oh look, he just stepped on a stick and now it's stuck in his foot. Oh look now someone is wandering around in the jungle. Three people. They grab them by the hair from behind and some guy named Jones with a gun and an accent says, "What are you doing on our island?" Who the hell are you, sir?

Jack gets Sayid back up and running. He asks where Hurley is? Jack says at home and Sayid asks if anyone else knows he's there? Now Hurley is making a Hot Pocket! Ben shows up and Hurley, in true Hurley fashion, tosses the Hot Pocket at him! Ben says that he can get him out of there. Hurley says that Sayid warned him, and Ben says that Sayid is the one who sent him, how else would he know where he was? Hurley ain't buyin' it. Ben tells him that he can go back to the island, leave all this behind. Hurley almost believes and then says HELL no! and runs outside. The cops arrest him and all but remember what Ana Lucia told him. Don't get arrested. Well, Sayid told him to not trust Ben, to do the opposite of whatever he says. Yet, I don't think getting arrested was the right thing to do. So Hurley may be screwed here.

So Juliet might get her hands cut off by these other people. Could these people be part of Rousseau's team? Whoever was on the Black Rock? They are wearing suits, but what kind of suits are they? Here comes Locke to do something right for once!

There's a lady with a pendulum and some chalk and an old computer that is detected an 'Event Window'. She goes upstairs and there's Ben. She tells him that he has 70 hours and Ben says it's not enough time. She says what he needs is irrelevent, what he has is 70 hours. He better het moving. He says he lost Reyes tonight and what if he can't get them all back? She responds, "Then God help us all!" What the hell? What's gonna happen? And why? Aiyee! I want more!

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