Thursday, January 29, 2009

Echelon Conspiracy trailer 2

"If you turn me off, I'll kill you"
Hmmmm....tempting. And stupid. Why is it that any movie where a computer mainframe is sentient and trying to kill someone or do something to someone, is the voice female and monotone? Kinda like Eagle Eye? It's really dumb.

So we get a computer that gains sentience and now it wants to send out phones to random people who will get chased? Why? And I am guessing that they re-cut the trailer because people couldn't grasp the idea of the last trailer? It was really a difficult idea to get. Now we straight up are told that it is a computer called Echelon.

What's next? A television that calls Nielson members and convinces them that the best shows to watch are Survivor and Wife Swap? If they don't watch those shows, random governments are going to chase them around blowing shit up. It makes as much sense as what I just watched; probably more.


Barbara Menides said...

I think this review is too harsh. Where else can you get a kewl phone like that (c'mon, you know you want one) AND Shane West!

Barb said...

I will take a Shane West... but not a phone with that voice :). And if my phone told me to kill people or whatever, I'd really be freaked out.

Barbara Menides said...

If my phone did that, I'd appreciate the warning :-)