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Battlestar Galactica Season Four Episode 11 "Sometimes A Great Notion"


Holy Frak! This episode was amazing! And we learned who the final Cylon was. More on that later!

When we last left our group of humans and Cylons, they had found a planet (Earth) and also found out that it was an irradiated wasteland void of life. They stumbled upon this planet because Starbuck, who returned from an assumed death by way of some kind of vortex ("Maelstrom") in a brand new Viper and claiming that she had been to Earth and that it was green. Now we learn that had she been to Earth for real, when had she been there? And was it really Earth? Because this Earth certainly does not look like the Earth she describes.

The season 4 premiere opens with water sloshing across the shore and a man walking toward the waves (it's Tigh), Baltar standing in what appeared to have been a building with a dome, much like the opera house on Kobol, like that in Roslin's drug-induced vision. Anders is looking around and Dee is kneeling in the water cupping it into her hands. Lee looks like he's going to cry and Roslin plucks a tiny plant from the ground while Helo calls Adama over and tells him that it's the same all over the planet and there have been no answers to their hails, D'Anna says they have received the same reports on their side.

Now we are with Kara and Leoben. She says the signal is weak and the emergency battery must be running low. This is the start of probably the most interesting and mind-frakking storyline in the entire episode. Baltar tells someone to put word out that they shouldn't eat or drink anything due to the radiation and the camera cuts to Tory looking generally worried, which is weird coming from her because I view her as one of the most sinister characters on the show...I just don't trust her. Helo tells Adama and D'Anna that Baltar just confirmed that the planet was nuked 2000 years ago and D'Anna, again, concurs that their teams have gotten the same results. Roslin solemnly says, "It's perfect. We traded one nuked civilization for another."

Dee is digging in the dirt and finds a pocket watch and some jacks and she starts to sob. Cut to the Raptor ride back to Galactica and she's chanting, "Don't give up, don't give up, just don't fall apart", and the camera zooms in on her face. Are we being set up to believe she's the last Cylon? Back on Galactica, everyone is waiting for Roslin and Adama to return and say what they've found. Of course what they've found is not what people want to hear and Roslin says to get her out of there. Lee announces she will make an speech in a little bit.

Back on Earth, Kara and Leoben found some wreckage and Kara realizes that the transponder she found is Colonial. Leoben lifts up a piece of the wreckage and says 757NC. When he says this Kara stops what she's doing, starts breathing heavily and tells him that the number on her ship is 8757NC.

Next we see some stuff with Athena, Helo and their baby and Dee coming to babysit for them. There is definitely something off about Dee in this episode. She's normally the straight headed one, the one who holds everyone down to level ground. But in this episode she seems to be weird. I know I would probably be acting a little strange after all this time running and fighting and running and fighting and never getting to rest. And with the hope of something new, a new planet and alliances with the enemy, being dashed with the realization that the new planet is a wasteland, I can bet I'd be a little off too.

Back on "Earth" Six finds a Cylon Centurian head that doesn't look like any we've ever seen before. It has this creepy alien look to it. She presents it to Adama and says that they've found several of them with the bones scattered at sites across the planet. Caprica Boomer (I think) says they aren't a design they've seen before and they aren't one of theirs. Roslin deduces that the 13th tribe must have settled here and created their own Cylons? Baltar says that's what they thought too, but after testing 250 skeletons from 4 different sites they've found out that they weren't humans, they were Cylons. The 13th tribe was all Cylons who came to this planet and called it Earth. Roslin looks absolutely astounded and confused. But some questions we need answers too are these: why was the 13th tribe, a myth to humans, comprised completely of Cylons? And why would they come to a planet and call it Earth? Is this our Earth? Or this a planet they found that was remarkably like our Earth and they decided to colonize it and name it after our Earth? Is this our Earth? My brain hurts!

Lee tells Roslin that she has to tell the Quorum something and she just looks at him and walks away. Adama walks past Tigh and Tigh says they need to talk, he has a lot he needs to explain.

Back to "Earth" and Tyrol. He's walking around and comes to this wall that has a creepy, weird shadow burned on it. He touches it and flashes back to him shopping in a market and then we hear a boom and he hold his hand up. Looks like he was there during the blast. WTF? So 2000 years ago, he was living on this planet? Where had he been from the time of the blast to the time he was living this current life?

Kara and Leoben are back to wandering around looking for the rest of the crashed vehicle. She wonders if this was her plane then what did she fly back to Galactica in? Leoben tells her maybe she's better off not knowing and she says, "for me, or for you?". Good question.

Lee and Dee get to talking and she basically tells him that if anyone can convince people of a reason to go on, it's him. He asks her to go with him for a drink later and she agrees.

Kara and Leoben are still looking for that plane. They find a cockpit and flip it over and there is still someone buckled in. Kara pulls the helmet up and there is a person with blond hair, just like Starbucks! She reaches for the dog tags and pulls them off; there is a ring and a tag that says "K. Thrace". Leoben comes up to look and immediately back away. He says he was wrong about Earth. She says that his Hybrid told her that she was the harbinger of death and that she would be the death of them all. Leoben quickly starts to walk away and leaves her there yelling if that's her in the wreckage, then what is she? Good question. Did she go back in time 2000 years in Maelstrom, end up on this Earth? She said the Earth she went to was green and alive, so where was she? Did she crash here and cause the whole demise of this Earth? What the hell is going on? Who or what is she?

Now Anders is wandering around and he finds a guitar neck in the sand. He picks it up and starts remembering the lyrics to that song that drew the final four of five together. He drops the neck and literally runs away. He comes across Tyrol sitting by the wall and Tyrol tells him that he used to live here and Anders says the song that switched them on, he remembers playing it for a woman he loved. Tory comes up and says she remembers since he played it for them all. Tyrol says they all died in a holocause. Anders doesn't understand how, that was 2000 years ago. How did they get to the colonies, believe they were human? 2000 years is a long time to forget.

Now Roslin is burning her Book of Pythia (which is going for like 1200 bucks on EBay right now, dammit!); the book she has followed the whole series, the book she believed would lead them to salvation, that spoke the truth. The book that they were following when Elosha died on Kobol. She has lost hope, and that's a bad thing for someone who is followed by the entire fleet; at least followed by the religious community that believes in the Book of Pythia. Adama comes in to find her burning the book and asks her if she's just going to give up? She didn't go for her treatment and she says she doesn't need it. She says that she was wrong about everything and that all those people who followed her are dead. She tells Bill to leave her alone and her reluctantly goes while she cries and tells the book to burn.

Kara is setting her own fire back on "Earth". Me thinks she doesn't want anyone to know that she found herself dead on the planet for what could be 2000 years. I don't blame her, but I am guessing this might come up again, based on some clips I've seen. The shot of her sitting to the left of the fire while it blows in the wind to the right, is great cinematography.

Dee and Lee are returning from their date and she asks him to repeat his speech. He says he managed to stave off a full-scale panic but at least now they can choose where they go next. There is no more following Pythia. She kisses him goodnight and goes into her bunk room. Gaeta is there and says he can't stop thinking about that waste of a planet and she tells him that she just wants to remember this moment for as long as she can. He leaves and she looks at her locket and then her face changes and she shoots herself in the head! I did NOT see that coming at all. Dee has always just been there. I thought she might be a Cylon. Nope! Kandyse McClure played Dualla amazingly well and I kind of wish she had more to go on for the past seasons. I'm sad to see her leave. I wanted her to have a happy ending, but this being Battlestar I don't think anyone is going to have a happy ending.

Lee is in the mortuary and Adama walks in and he tells him that he kissed her goodnight 45 minutes ago and she had joy in her eyes, why would she do this? Adama says he doesn't know and offers Lee a drink, he declines and runs out. Adama lifts up the sheet and starts to cry and asks what did she do? And that he let her down, let them all down. Now he's really angry. He storms out and grabs a gun and tells someone to get it. He means Tigh. As he's walking through the halls people are crying and fighting. They've all kind of lost it since learning the planet is a craphole.

Tigh is drinking and Adama busts in, grabs a bottle of Ambrosia and tells him it's time to have that heart to heart he's been wanting. Tigh says he sorry he didn't have the guts to tell him when he first found out and Bill says he doesn't have guts, he's a machine. The look on Michael Hogan's face is priceless. Adama asks him if that's how he was programmed? To be his friend and to laugh at his jokes and Tigh says he chose to be his friend. Adama starts to taunt Tigh about Ellen, saying she knew there was something off about him all along, that's why she went around sleeping with half the fleet. He wants Tigh to lose it and shoot him, but Tigh realizes that's what he wants and stops himself. He tells Tigh a story about foxes that would run away from some dogs; some would turn to fight and some would try to cross the river. Those that tried to swim, some would give up halfway and be swept out to sea. Adama says maybe because they were tired and Tigh tells him that they can't be swept out to sea, it won't help anyone.

Kara comes to see Lee and he tells her that Dee killed herself and no one will ever know why. Adama returns to the CIC and tells everyone that the people who lived on this planet experienced great losses, they needed a home and they set out into space with nothing but their ships and they found a home, and so will they.

Back on "Earth" Tigh tells everyone to wrap it up and goes to talk to D'Anna. She says she isn't going. This will all happen over and over again and she doesn't want to die out in space when Cavill catches up with them. She asks him if he ever just wants to get off the merry-go-round and he says ride the tide out to sea. And we're back to the beginning with him walking into the surf. He finds a piece of a mailbox and flashes back to what we assume is Caprica. He hears Ellens voice calling him and finds her buried in rubble. She tells him it's ok...SPOILERS!

There is a flash and she says they'll be reborn...again. Also, she says everything is in place, whatever that means. I have to say that I suspected her from the beginning as being a Cylon, but then they had her killed off by Tigh and I figured she wasn't, couldn't be. Guess I was wrong.

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