Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Japanese Watchmen Trailer

Here's a new Japanese Watchmen trailer. I don't know what the guy is saying in Japanese, but it sounds like he keeps saying Adam Monroe. He's not, I don't think.

Either way, it still looks awesome and I wish the pissing contest between Warners and Fox would end. Fox wants the money and the right to distribute it because, well, let's see what they've put out over the last year or so...

Nim's Island: Had potential, but with four screenwriters and two directors listed in the credits, it's pretty clear that there was something going on from the get-go. Like, the fact that it might have been good in book form, but some executive wanted to make it more approachable to the masses and what came out was this mish-mash of different writers and directors. It was boring, slow, Jodie Foster was terribly mis-cast, even the charm of Gerard Butler couldn't save it.

What Happens in Vegas: Yuck. Though parts were kind of cute the fact that you knew you would get Cameron Diaz jiggling around in her underwear at least once, and Ashton Kutcher the entire movie, made it a stay-away. And you knew how it would end from the trailer; something studios need to learn to stay away from. Yes, it's a romantic comedy and people want them to end happy, with the main characters staying together or getting together, however, learn to not show the whole thing in the trailer. Especially when someone so unappealing as Ashton Kutcher is starring in it.

Meet the Spartans/Disaster Movie or any -Movie. Nothing needs to be said about this. There is stupid funny, like Airplane and Ron Burgandy, and then there is dumb. Straight up dumb. Nothing funny, nothing clever, nothing. Making fun of Amy Winehouse and Paris Hilton isn't clever, it's dumb. Everyone knows Winehouse is a crack whore and Hilton is covered with stupid, among other things, so making fun of them is not's dumb. Satire is good because it's clever and makes you go, "I love that! That is exactly like it is!". There is nothing satirical that can be said or done about 300, nothing! Same goes with Enchanted. It was already, in it's own way, a satire. It was lightly making fun of the Disney princess movies. So making fun of making fun of something isn't funny, it's retarded!

With that said, it's clear that Fox has made a lot of crap over, at least, the last year and they desperately want the fanfare and recognition of distributing Watchmen. Even though they didn't make it, pay for it, or have anything to do with it.

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