Saturday, January 10, 2009

Franklyn Trailer-The REAL one!

Awhile back, while browsing trailers over at Trailer Addict, as I do several times a week (make that a day), I came across this trailer for the movie Franklyn. It was a strange mash-up of scenes, dialogue and music that clearly was a rough cut trailer. I can't imagine they wanted this to be put out as a serious trailer, because while it lays out the story it also is quite jarring because there are portions where lines just stop mid sentence and music changes...well, just watch it below:

What I gleamed from THIS trailer is that Ryan Phillipe plays Jonathan Preest (or Priest, not sure) and he is going to kill a man tonight. Maybe twice on two separate nights? And then there is Meanwhile City, where he is doing the killing? Also Eva Green appears to appear in both places. In the alternate place she says she gets to kill herself every night, but the trailer cuts that off. Then there are two more people, a younger man they barely ever mention except in a quick cut and an older man whose role I don't get from either trailer. Weird.

Then the other day there was a new trailer that popped up for the movie. It's completely different and makes no mention of the "other" reality of Meanwhile City and takes away the old man from the other trailer. The focus is now on just the three characters. Who knows if the actual movie will cut out the older guys part, but I still want to see it and it's great that is no longer has lines missing and portions of The Fountain score placed randomly throughout.

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