Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trailers, trailers, everywhere!

I think this is a very early version of the trailer for this movie, but why would you release it in this capacity? It makes not sense. Here is what is going on: There is a part where Eva Green says "...I die ev..." and then it moves to a new part of the trailer. Ryan Phillipe plays Jonathan Preist (?) and tonight he is going to kill a man. Two Worlds Existing in Parallel. Mask come off, weird guy's with hats. How Far Will You Go For Love. Eva Green's eyes, falling into a bed. And Vengeance. Change music from Max Payne trailer. "Four years and all of a sudden you want to" "offer you a job". Individual is coming back to Meanwhile City and they want to give Ryan a chance to make amends. Fighting. Same music (chunk, chunk, chunk) used in beginning again! Music from The Fountain. Eva Green saying what I said above. "Who's Franklyn?" Zoom in on apartment label Franklyn while voiceover repeats the thing I said above...again. Between What Is Real. Eva Green with red hair and some dude. And What Is Imagined. More The Fountain score. Fighting. And What Is Feared. Four Souls. Will Collide.
If that makes no sense to you, you have just read what the trailer is...incoherant. It looks interesting enough but...what the hell is going on? Maybe a later version will make sense?

The Haunting in Connecticut
Eh. Another "Based on true events". You know what that means? Someone lived in the house with a kid who had cancer and they liked haunted houses. This looks awful and I christen it The Number 46...get it? The Number 23 the sequel? Because Virginia Madsen is in it and the movie will suck as bad as The Number 23. Whatever. This is about a family who moves to Connecticut because their son has cancer. I don't know why you would move to Connecticut if your kid has cancer, but maybe you would. They find things in the floorboards, of course. And then weird things start happening because it used to be a morgue. O.K. The the kid writes on himself, or did he? And shadow-crows fly around while everyone screams, eventually to either run/fall up the stairs or run/fall into the woods where they will no doubt find the graves of the people who were murdered during a seance/drunken orgy back in olden times. Sounds good doesn't it? No.

My Name is Bruce
I love Bruce Campbell and his ability to make fun of himself in the most adorable way possible. This looks funny and probably is...
It's about these kids in some hick town who go to Bruce, because he is Bruce Campbell the only action star that can speak English, for help in stopping the monster Guan-di, the protector of bean curd. He was summoned by some teenagers to protect the souls of some Chinese miners of yesteryear. They get Bruce to come stop him. I really love the part where he is running away, firing blindly into the people following him. Classic.

That's all for now folks! I'm off to do something else.

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