Monday, October 6, 2008

Dharma Wants You

Dharma doesn't want me because I am a cheater! Yes, as I have said a million times, I like to cheat at games. I'm not proud of it...yes I am! I don't do anything else wrong except cheat at's not like I smoke crack!

Anyway, LOST has these ARG (Alternate Reality Games) they do when the show is off-air. Last year it was really cool and was like a search for Flight 815 at It starred this little known, to us, Australian actor Rodger Corser who played Sam Thomas a man searching for his partner who was a flight attendant on Flight 815. He is convinced she is alive and the the flight did not disappear and you go along with him on his search for her and the plane. It ends with him finding the plane on the bottom of the ocean; much like how the season began. I really wanted the show to tie in the characters because I just enjoyed seeing Rodger every week when I played and I was intrigued by his character.

Well this year is not that's interesting, but not crazy cool! At least not yet. It's called Dharma Wants You and it is a recruiting operation. Basically every week or so comes a new 'test' and you play it and get ranked. Well, if you are like me and 'cheated' on some or all of the tests, you are deemed "Black Swan" for the last one. I don't know what that means really, and won't know until December something...

Ah hell, who the hell and I matter if it's good or bad, I will watch and play this shit. One I love J.J.. Two I love LOST. And three I love ARG's.

I'm off to play the True Blood sweepstakes.

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