Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's so bad, I don't even care that the quality is so fucking awful!

If you managed to make it past that crap-fest above, and got to the text written here...congratulations! You are now more dumber (see, I watched it and now I say things like 'more dumber')!

It's the trailer for the remake no one asked for, Friday the 13th! Even though, like Saw, there have been around six thousand sequels and prequels someone thought, "Hey, let's make a new one. One with two people who should be better than this, even though one of them was in that House of Wax remake no one wanted. Yeah, the one with that herpes ridden Hilton girl". I imagine the exchange went something like that.

So anyway, it appears the "reimagined" version consists of two people going to a house (?) and finding a bed that says Jason on it and then a head in a shrine-hole and then the dude falls in the floor and the girl screams over and over again for no reason...oh and then at the end, she falls down and screams! I know, unexpected, right?

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