Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday night television.

All week there is never a night that is chock-full of shows worth watching. None that is, except Thursday night.

Tonight there is Earl and the new show Kath & Kim on NBC at 8:00 and 8:30.

9:00 brings one of my favorites, Supernatural. The boys have to deal with a man who is turning into a flesh-eating monster! Yum!

And because every once in awhile there is some truly gross parts of is a clip of the episode for tonight!

Then at 10 there are two, count 'em TWO shows that may be worth watching.

One is Life On Mars. A remake of the BBC series. It looks halfway decent and stars Jason O'Mara (yum!)

Then there is Eleventh Hour, also on at 10 on CBS. It has Rufus Sewell, that's enough for me to watch at least once to see if it's good.

Granted this trailer isn't that great but I couldn't find one quick enough!

And enjoy the perennial favorite and set your DVR's for tonight's episode of It's Always Sunny!

Enjoy tv tonight!

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