Monday, March 2, 2009

Terminator: Salvation trailer B

It appears that dear Marcus is not human afterall, but some kind of cyborg. Is he the start of the human/machine hybrids we first see in Terminator, with Arnold? Is he the "something's changed" Connor talks of? Is he something different?

This series being rife with paradoxes, shouldn't he know of the hybrids already? Since he's spent his life changing the future (which appears impossible), he would have already encountered the various models that are part flesh, since his future self sent one back to protect his past self. But if he doesn't recognize them for what they are, what's going on? He can't be the John that never encountered the machines in the past, because that John never existed since he sent Reese back to protect Sarah which caused him to be created in the first place. Heavy. So what's going on? 

I can't wait to see:

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