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LOST "This Place is Death" SPOILERS

Let's see how small I can keep each one of these. I am several LOST blogs behind, and since the episode before this one was sort of really boring and didn't reveal a lot, I am not going to cover it.

Now, this episode was great. Here's what happened: Some of walkthrough is from Lostpedia.

Our fair island folk were jumping all over the place in this episode. I am going to cover each period instead of covering them as the episode went on which included jumping between the current time period (2007, I think) in L.A. and the time periods on the island.

NOVEMBER 18, 1988
At the end of the previous episode, "The Little Prince", Jin came in contact with Danielle Rousseau back when she and her group first appeared on the island, November 1988. They say they left Tahiti on the 15th and somehow crashed here. They are picking up a radio transmission and want to find the radio tower. Jin, unsure what is going on really, wants to return to his camp. They convince him to travel in the direction they believe the tower to be and since he isn't sure where his camp is, he goes with them.

While walking through the jungle, Danielle stops to rest and tells her husband that she would like a sip of water. Someone named Nadine has it but no one seems to know where she went; that can't be good. As they start to look for her, screaming her name as loud as possible, Jin hears the tell-tale sound of the Smoke Monster's clickety-clacking, receipt printer noise-making self. When someone in the group asks what that is, suddenly there is a tree uprooted and PLOP down falls a body; it seems to be the unseen Nadine. She's dead. Jin tells them all to run, but this douchy blonde Frenchie gets grabbed by Smoke Monster and is dragged to this temple and then down under it. Crap. But, he doesn't totally end up under the temple, see the group manages to grab his arm and in one of the most OH! moments of the evening, his arm pops off! Yeah, right off. From the calls they are hearing from the man, it would appear he hasn't died, highly unlikely. He'd at least be really hurt and in shock. But the rest of them want to go down and help him. Jin says no, it's a trap and convinces Danielle to stay up on land because of her baby; she agrees. The others go under and as Jin and Danielle wait, there is a flash and Jin jumps away.

It's two months later and Jin is back in the jungle in front of the ruins, but this time they are covered in some kind of hieroglyphs and Montands (the douchy blonde) arm is lying there all decayed. He sees a smoke pillar off in the distance and I'm thinking he thought it was Rousseau's signal from way back a few seasons ago. It wasn't. He gets to the beach and sees a crapload of shit all littered around the beach and two dead bodies. It appears to be two of the three people who were in Rousseau's crew. He hears two people arguing and sees it's Rousseau and her husband Robert. They both have rifles pointed at each other and Rousseau is saying that they've changed, he's changed and that thing poisoned them. He says no, it's just a security system put there to protect that temple. OK... He tells her to put the gun down and when she lowers it, he tries to shoot her. His gun doesn't fire though, because as she explains to them, she removed the firing pin. Then she shoots him. Jin cries out, Danielle turns and says he's infected too, and where did he go? She chases after him, trying to kill him and he flashes away again. Okay...I'm confused. This is obviously where the paradox begins, because otherwise Rousseau should have recognized Jin when she first met him so many years ago.

Unknown Time One
Jin appears somewhere in the jungle and hears a gun cocking. It's Sawyer! He's back with the gang, well part of the gang. Charlotte tells him, with her translation, where Sun is and they go off to the Orchid. Suddenly...

Unknown Time Two
They flash into night and barely can recover before a third flash grabs them

Unknown Time Three
Now they are back in daylight. Sawyer and Juliet get the nose bleeds and Charlotte collapses. She starts to babble all kinds of crap, part in another language, and yells to Jin not to let them bring Sun back to the island. Why? She also says that this place is death...huh. She starts babbling about events that are possibly from her past like marrying an American, Daddy going with them and knowing more about ancient Carthage than Hannibal...yeah, she getting lost in time I think.

Unknown Time Four
New time! Daniel asks someone to help carry Charlotte to the Orchid and Locke says no, she'll only hold them back. They'll return for her later. Charlotte tells Sawyer and Locke to look for the well after Sawyer asks what they'll do if the station is gone. They leave Daniel behind with Charlotte. When the group finds the Orchid it's in ruins. FLASH!

Unknown Time Five
Now the Orchid ruins are gone and there is just a well there; the well Charlotte mentioned. Locke says he is going down and Jin threatens to cut the rope unless he promises not to bring Sun back. We all know Sun will end up back here, but why exactly is she not supposed to return? Jin says to say he buried his body and gives him his wedding ring to convince her it's true. I knew what was going to happen the minute I saw Locke trying to descend. As he's on his way down the sky turns and the noise begins and then FLASH! the well is gone and Sawyer is left holding a rope stuck into the ground. Locke falls to the ground and busts his leg. This guy just always gets the raw end and to be fair he kind of brings it upon himself.

Unknown Time Six
Daniel is trying to comfort Charlotte and she tells him that she grew up on the island and she mentions the Dharma Iniative. She says that she and her mother left for England and left behind her father and she never saw him again. Her mother told her all through her life that she imagined the island but she devoted her life to finding the island. She says there was a crazy man on the island that scared her and that he told her that she must never return to the island or she would die. Daniel keeps trying to comfort her and she says that the man was him. She says something about having chocolate for dinner and dies.
Locke's at the bottom of a cavern/cave thing and he hears someone start to approach. It's Christian Shepard, Jack's poppa! Wha...? He scolds Locke for letting Ben move the island, it was supposed to be him that moves it. He tells him he has to go back to the mainland and get them all to Eloise Hawking. Ben says Richard told him he had to die and Christian says that's why it's called a sacrifice. Christian says that he has to put the wheel back in alignment and he sees the wheel jiggling around and light flashing out. He pushes the wheel and the light grows brighter and Christian says to say hi to his son. Locke says "Who's your son?" and disappears.

The off-island timeline is really kind of boring so I'll really shorten it. Basically Sun shows up with a gun to kill Ben but he says Jin is alive and he can show her, she just has to go with him. On the way Jack apologizes to Sun for leaving Jin behind and Sun asks if he's saying it to keep her from killing Ben. He says he'll kill him if she doesn't. Ben slams on the brakes and tells them he's been trying to keep them safe all along. When they arrive at the church Ben gives Sun the ring from Jin and says that Locke gave it to him, he's sorry to have kept it so long. He says they all have to get back to the island and the woman in the church can help them, Sun agrees to go along.
Desmond appears and asks if they are looking for Daniels mother too? Ben makes a look like what/how does he know about this/her? They enter the church and see Eloise lighting candles and she asks why they aren't all there. He says there were some issues and this is all he could get in such short notice. She says lets get started...

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