Friday, February 6, 2009

Echelon Conspiracy

Since there seems to be an awful large amount of people showing up on here to say how great Echelon Conspiracy is, and how cute Shane West is...I must say they must work for the movie studio, or something. Since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, hence me posting about how terrible this movie will be, I post their comments no matter how wrong they are.

Remember: you don't have to like what I think about movies/television shows/celebrities, etc...and I don't have to think crappy movies are good just because you call my review of a given trailer "lame" or "too harsh".

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a bot widget... an epic journey said...

I agree. Too many people are trying to force their opinions on other people... just let everyone (including Barb) have their own opinion... it annoys me that so many people try to make this world so black and white!