Friday, November 28, 2008

"Walmart worker trampled to death by assholes seeking a deal!" An off-topic commentary

This is why I do not participate in Black Friday shopping. Lining up at 9p.m. Thanksgiving night to get a DVD player for $30 and Incerdible Hulk for $9 alone, is annoying to me, but then causing a surge of other idiots to cram into a doorway, knocking over someone and trampling them to death to get those "deals", is beyond even words. I hope not only the assholes who killed this man, but the morons who sat around and bitched that they were in line since Thursday and had to leave after someone was killed, have a nice long life to think over their behavior and realize a cheap 50" plasma screen tv isn't worth killing people in a mad rush just to be told they don't have any more of that item.
Maybe they can then try killing whoever was the lucky 'tard to get the ticket for that item?

And to think that man who got killed by these vermin just spent the night before giving thanks for living in this country with his family and friends only to be killed the next morning by people who had nothing better to do but get in line at 9 p.m. the night before. In my opinion, this whole Black Friday thing gets more and more out of hand every year. Stores open earlier, close later, have bigger "deals" on more items with lower quantities and people fight over these things year after year. The stores may make a profit in the end, but what does it say about our society wherein we will go fight over a television, Gameboy or Cabbage Patch Kid? To me, it says no wonder people hate us the world over.

In some countries I could see swarming to get at a chopper full of supplies being delivered to a war/famine covered region. I could even understand scrambling to get out of a doorway if a building is on fire and there is only one exit. But over a vacuum, bag of cherries, or an Ipod? No.

Whoever was at this store and caused this to happen (customers) and whoever was there and did nothing to help anyone who got hurt, and whoever was there and began to complain they were there all night and wanted to shop, should at the very least be ashamed of themselves until the end of their miserable lives.

I never have, nor will I ever participate in a ritual I find stupid and barbaric, as I find Black Friday. Here's an FYI to those involved...the manufacturer's didn't make one of every item, there is plenty out there for you for the remaining 364 days of the year, and if killing someone over a "deal" is worth it to you, well then, you are a sad animal indeed.

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