Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fallout 3 Obsession Continues!

Yeah, my obsession with this game is still going on. I can't explain it! I'll sit in front of the television for about an entire day playing it. Here is some gameplay in the form a some video put up on YouTube:
If you dial the Vault-Tec number there is a message that plays...I love that shit!

The video is a little stale and it doesn't really give you the experience of how fun the game is. It's almost as good as Bio Shock...almost.

You play whoever you name your character (mine is a male named Barnaby. Why Barnaby? Why not?) and you are the son of James, a scientist in Vault 101. The game begins with you being born, where you choose the name and sex of your character and you grow up through the years until you are around 20 something. One day your father escapes the Vault and takes off into the Wasteland and the Overseer of the vault decides that he has to find you, for some reason. So you escape as well...into the wild blue Wasteland.

Now you are out all by yourself gathering up side missions and following the main mission of finding your father. And having an absolute blast while doing so. I'm not sure if it is the post-Apocalyptic remains of civilization or the mixture of shooter and adverture game that so turns me on, but I love it. The reason I am not the best at some of these games is that I like to kill off everything that is on the level...all of them. I can do that here. I can clear a building and take everything, or almost everything I can get my hands on. So far there have not been any of those typical moments where a monster pops out to kill you from a glass window you just passed; I keep expecting it, but so far, nothing. And I really like that there hasn't been any of that. I like the freedom of running around stealing things and finding ammo and books and seeing all the detail that was put into something.

I've never been a huge fan of RPG's, because I always think about Final Fantasy or something akin to that, but this game has turned me. Keep it up Bethesda!

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