Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life on Mars Series Finale *possible SPOILERS*

Last Wednesday Sam Tyler's travels back to 1973 came to an end with an ending that was...not good. It's almost like they found out they would be cancelled, went back and filmed an ending that made what was a good episode up until this point, suck.

For those not in the know, Life On Mars is about Sam Tyler, a policeman in 2008, who gets hit by a car while out looking for a suspect. He wakes up on the street in 1973, or is he in a coma? There were a lot of questions about whether or not he was in a coma or was dead or what? He goes to his precinct and everyone is different and well, act like they'd act in 1973. He eventually realizes that he is in 1973 and that he better figure out a way to get home. He thinks he has to rescue himself, his mother, his dad (played as a total ass by one Dean Winters), really anyone who he ever knew. Each time he finds that, no, that isn't the reason he is here. He also hears and sees things. It began with just hearing hospital noises and seeing people from his past (current timeline?) on his TV, but slowly morphed into seeing the Mars Rover all the time, everywhere he went. I believe this is due to the dumb ending they came up with.

Anyway, it all boils down to Sam realizing that the reason he's back in 1973 is to find Annie. So he goes back to the station, Annie gets promoted and Sam hugs Gene and then the screen goes pixely and we are on a spaceship. Sam wakes up, as do all the other characters, and it turns out there was a glitch in his sleep-programming which caused him to be hit by a car, go back to 1973 and see Rovers and hear things. The neighbor girl was the ships computer and she called him 2B because that was his sleep pod number. They are on a mission to Mars and the whole thing was, in essence, a glorified dream sequence. A real cop out nowadays.

Overall the show was fun, exciting and Jason O'Mara was not only good to look at, he was also believable. I'm going to buy it on DVD, but I don't think the ending was what it should have been. I think they should have made the ending go from him thinking the whole reason he came to 1973 was Annie. He wakes up in 2008 in the hospital and in walks Annie. Now that would have been a likeable ending.

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